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Dino Dan is a children's television show that's centered around an adventurous little boy named Dan Henderson. Dan is 10 years old and has a very active imagination to say the least. Dan knows a lot of information about dinosaurs and feels they are lurking all around him. In his day to day life he wonders how dinosaurs would act if they were in the same situation as him. Whether he is at school or at the dentist he always has an adventure.

Dan is always finding what he believes to be are dinosaur tracks. In reality they are tracks left by animals like dogs or cats. These tracks are usually found in his backyard. Dan has a lot of theories about the tracks he finds. Using the scientific method he does many experiments to determine what type of dinosaur they are from. He hopes the tracks will lead him to the location of the dinosaur. Sometimes he gets very excited when he thinks that he has discovered a new type of dinosaur.

Dan lives with his Mom and his little brother Trek. Trek an see the dinosaurs and joins in on many of Dan's experiments. At school Dan teaches the other kids about dinosaurs and tries to prove his theories to them.

Dino Dan does feature a lot of true information about the different types of dinosaurs that were once alive. The show is geared toward the 3-8 year old age group and anyone who has an active imagination.

Mondays at 5:00 pm on Nick Jr.
5 Seasons, 68 Episodes - New Series
January 10, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
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Dino Dan Full Episode Guide

  • Trek goes to the beach with Mom and Grandma and is determined to figure out Dino Experiment 410, "How does the Deinosuchus get its food?" Luckily for Trek, he soon sees the Deinosuchus!

  • When Penelope and her mother take Trek camping, they wake to find that something has messed up their campsite; when Trek goes fishing with Grandma, he discovers a baby Spinosaurus taking his fish.

  • When Trek accidentally throws Doug's favorite ball on to the roof, he tries to get a Dromaeosaurus to knock it down; Trek learns that the Therizinosaurus used its claws for defense, stripping leaves off trees and for digging up roots.

  • Trek tries to complete ``Dino Experiment 314'' while on a picnic with Liam, Penelope and Jordan; while making a video presentation for school, Trek and Hannah imagine that Doug is a prehistoric mammal.

  • When Grandma takes Trek swimming in an indoor pool, Trek teaches a baby Plesiosaur how to swim across the pool and back to its Mom as Grandma teaches an Aqua Fit class. When Penelope gets stage fright before the school talent show where she, Trek, Hannah and Bobby will be performing an original song "what's your favourite dinosaur?" Trek tells her to imagine the audience as dinosaurs...and it works!

  • When Hannah and Trek take an after school art class with Hannah's Dad, Trek decides to use sculpture to see just how different dino footprints can be. Ms. Carver organizes an egg hunt for her class which gives Trek a chance to solve "Dino Experiment 419 - do the Compsognathus, Dromaeosaurus and Albertosaurus eat eggs?" and learn about what different carnivores eat.

  • When Mom takes Trek and Penelope to Marineland, Trek gets so excited he imagines what it would be like if there was a show with prehistoric marine reptiles! When Trek and Bobby play video games, they imagine themselves into a dinosaur based video game and learn that, for the dinosaurs in the Dromaeosaurid/Raptor family, teamwork can be the difference between winning and losing!

  • While on a sightseeing tour of Niagara Falls with his Grandma, Trek finds a seemingly lost baby Spinosaurus. While Trek and Grandma tour Niagara Falls, Trek spots a Plesiosaur, a Deinosuchus and, finally, the baby's Momma Spinosaurus. Before Grandma heads south for the winter, she and Trek create a comic book about three pterosaur babies who get lost on their migration south and the cave-people superheroes that save them: Tyrannosaurus Trek and Quetza Grandma!

  • While Trek waits for his loose tooth to fall out, he finds a baby dinosaur tooth in the house and decides to figure out which baby dino it belongs to so that it can get a visit from the Dino Tooth Fairy! Trek tells a story to Hannah, Bobby and Penelope about what it would be like to have dinosaurs as pets and they all figure out that dinosaurs wouldn't make very good pets at all.

  • Trek's class has a new Australian exchange student named Robert who loves dinosaurs just as much as Trek does. When Robert's fossil goes missing, Trek and Robert know who took it... a dinosaur called the Ozraptor! Trek's rushing to make a Mother's Day craft for his Mom when he discovers a Momma Triceratops who's lost her baby. It's up to Trek finish his craft and reunite the Triceratops with her baby by the time his Mom comes to get him.

  • When Trek goes to Bobby's for a camp out sleepover he tries to help Bobby and Bobby's Dad figure out who's been eating the vegetables out of their garden. Bobby and his Dad think it was a raccoon but Trek knows was a prehistoric creature - the nocturnal kind! Trek wants to know if the Microraptor used its wings to fly. Luckily, Hannah and Trek are practicing trapeze at Hannah's Dad circus school and the trapeze act will help them figure it out.

  • Trek goes to the beach with Mom and Grandma and is determined to figure out Dino Experiment 410, "How does the Deinosuchus get its food?" Luckily for Trek, he soon sees the Deinosuchus! Trek visits Bobby and his father at Mr. Caparaz's work - a robotics laboratory. Trek spots a Dromaeosaurus guarding its nest outside. Trek sees one of the Dromy's eggs get stolen and enlists the help of multiple robots to return the egg to its nest!

  • When Penelope and her Mom take Trek camping, they wake up to find that something's messed up their campsite. Trek thinks it was a dino. But which dino?! It's up to Trek and Penelope to track it and find out! Trek goes fishing with Grandma and discovers a baby Spinosaurus taking his fish! Trek realizes its Mom isn't around so he teaches the Spinosaurus to catch its own fish.

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