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Dino Dan is a children's television show that's centered around an adventurous little boy named Dan Henderson. Dan is 10 years old and has a very active imagination to say the least. Dan knows a lot of information about dinosaurs and feels they are lurking all around him. In his day to day life he wonders how dinosaurs would act if they were in the same situation as him. Whether he is at school or at the dentist he always has an adventure.

Dan is always finding what he believes to be are dinosaur tracks. In reality they are tracks left by animals like dogs or cats. These tracks are usually found in his backyard. Dan has a lot of theories about the tracks he finds. Using the scientific method he does many experiments to determine what type of dinosaur they are from. He hopes the tracks will lead him to the location of the dinosaur. Sometimes he gets very excited when he thinks that he has discovered a new type of dinosaur.

Dan lives with his Mom and his little brother Trek. Trek an see the dinosaurs and joins in on many of Dan's experiments. At school Dan teaches the other kids about dinosaurs and tries to prove his theories to them.

Dino Dan does feature a lot of true information about the different types of dinosaurs that were once alive. The show is geared toward the 3-8 year old age group and anyone who has an active imagination.

Mondays at 5:00 pm on Nick Jr.
2 Seasons, 33 Episodes - New Series
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Dino Dan Full Episode Guide

  • Trek is figuring out if the Microraptor was a carnivore or a herbivore by setting up elaborate traps around the house rigged with meats and veggies. However, Trek is repeatedly interrupted by Doug and Mom. Dino experiments aren't always easy.Trek tells a story about a time-traveling Dino Mobile that goes back in time to see how some prehistoric creatures survived the meteorite crash that is believed to have made the dinosaurs extinct.

  • Trek is amazed when he sees an Edmontosaurus laying her egg in a Triceratops nest. With his friends help, Trek learns that some animals will lay their eggs in the nests of animals that can do a better job of protecting their babies.Trek goes over to play model trains with Hannah and her Dad. Using the model train set backdrop they imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs lived amongst us today. They figure out that living with dinosaurs wouldn't as cool as it sounds.

  • At bedtime, Mom reads Trek "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". Trek drifts off and ends up in "The Land of Dinoz" where he meets new pals the Scare-Troodon (Penelope), the Tin-Dromaeosaurus (Bobby) and the Cowardly Stygimoloch (Hannah). Together, they all head off to see the wizard and save him some wicked dinosaur skeletons.

  • Trek tells his friends a story about a small western town being scared by a Therizinosaurus and how Deputy Hannah saved the day!While Penelope's home sick, Trek investigates why herbivores like the Dracorex, Euoplocephalus or the Brachiosaurus stick together in a giant migrating herd.

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