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In all kinds of places, with all kinds of tools, Mike Rowe has experienced jobs that would make most people cringe. Across the continent he has handled poop from many species. He has used more grease, grime, and slime than the general person encounters in a lifetime.

Dirty Jobs is a show that follows host Mike Rowe as he travels around the country doing various jobs and tasks. The jobs tend to be some of the dirtiest, nastiest, most foul smelling jobs there are. Yet every single one is completely necessary in today's society. Mike has visited pig farms and sorted through a truckload of food waste from Las Vegas buffets to make feed for the porcine residents. He has also helped a number of other researchers and animal handlers. His arms and hands received more than a couple bites from snakes he was wrangling for a laboratory to study. He then helped the lab workers as they sexed the snakes, checked their size, and caused the snakes to vomit to study their food intake.

Animal care wasn't Mike's only responsibility. He also rose to great heights and sank to deep lows caring for machines that keep the human world running. Working with a maintenance team Mike climbed a wind power generator to lubricate its inner workings. Altitude was not an issue when he was suspended over a ship's hull to coat the sail's ropes with tar. Mike descended deep into the ground to aid a crew in a salt mine. He has also aided safety minded workers as they capped and sealed a much older, abandoned mine.

Mike has worked in the food industry as well. He helped make tofu, manufactured snack chips, smoked sausage, and harvested and processed cranberries. Of course no job making food is complete without dealing with the waste byproduct. To this end Mike has cleaned and repaired a ship's malfunctioning poo burner.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
8 Seasons, 164 Episodes - Canceled
November 7, 2003
Comedy, Documentary & Biography
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  • Mike and the crew head deep into the Australian Outback to hang out with a group of crusty opal miners. It's a dirty adventure with dangerous work and extreme temperatures. A fly infestation puts things on hold.

  • Mike catches crocodiles on the Adelaide River for scientists who study the animals' vomit.

  • In Australia, Mike Rowe teams up with local business "Snakes Away" to capture a poisonous Eastern brown snake safely, then joins a posse of local "toadbusters" in their war against the cane toad, a non-indigenous species destroying the local ecosystem.

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Mike Rowe speaks about the end of the gross-fest Discovery Channel show, "Dirty Jobs," which has been cancelled after eight seasons.

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Discovery has a unique gift: their slate of reality shows are addictively entertaining, but they still make you do all that learnin' stuff that I keep hearing about. I can't resist a good episode of "Mythbusters" or "Dirty Jobs," and new shows like "Weed Wars" only make the channel's lineup that much more appealing.

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