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Disaster Date is a reality show on the MTV network. It features hidden camera episodes in which actors go on blind dates with specified people who are unaware of what is occurring. The series primarily filmed in the Los Angeles region of California in a variety of mostly upscale locales, which is what contributes to the level of humor the show provides.

Each episode generally consists of three separate dates. These blind dates are initiated by each participant's friends. These acquaintances usually provide a back-story about each participant, along with at least three things that they are known to dislike to a large degree. Viewers can watch as actors push the limit while all manner of mayhem occurs.

All of the show's situations are meant to be outrageous for the most impact and effect upon viewers. During each date, undercover actors exhibit everything that the participant dislikes, usually on an exaggerated level.

For example, one date featured a lesbian who was set up with an actor who was playing a lesbian. The actor knew about all of the total turn-offs for the participant and proceeded to act out every single one of them. The main dislikes included public burping and other inappropriate noise making.

In this case, the actor burped incessantly throughout the entire meal and ate noisily and sloppily in a relatively disgusting fashion. Additionally, the actor tried to pick fights with patrons who were also actors within the restaurant.

Another episode featured a woman who happened to have a hairy stomach and was a kleptomaniac. Her behavior escalated to make everyone uncomfortable as she stole toilet paper and covers from the restroom. There was also a woman who badly sung tunes to each situation in as annoying a fashion as possible.

Each date lasts for as long as 60 minutes. For each minute that the participant lasts on the date, one dollar is earned for the participant. When they last for an entire date, actors can earn the participant the full 60 dollars. If participants leave early, or the time reaches 60 minutes, actors reveal the ruse and present whatever cash is earned to the participant.

However, few of the participants are able to last the full 60 minutes, most reaching only the 10 or 20 minute mark.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 5:30 PM et/pt on MTV
4 Seasons, 76 Episodes - Canceled
September 28, 2009
Disaster Date
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  • Vinnie from Jersery Shore pretends to be awaiter and Carli and Dillin are set up on disaster dates.

  • Pilar, Crystal and Dora are set up on disaster dates.

  • Twins Abby and Mimi, Oliver and Alexus are set up on disaster dates.

  • Jordan, Paul and Kristin are set up on disaster dates.

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