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One of television's most popular reality shows, Dog the Bounty Hunter reveals the details of life as an actual bounty hunter in beautiful Hawaii. Its main character is Duane Chapman, who goes by the nickname of Dog. In addition to Dog, the show also features many family members and business associates who help him in his efforts to locate people who have violated the terms of their bail agreements. The show combines a number of unique aspects including law enforcement, family drama, exciting arrest sequences, the beautiful Hawaiian landscape and a positive philosophy. Thanks to this special blend, the show has become incredibly popular, making Dog a star around the world.

Dog is a skilled bounty hunter who knows how to track his prey, but he is unable to do the job alone. This is why he has assembled an excellent team to help him as he goes about his job. The most important member of Dog's team is arguably his wife and primary business partner, Beth. The couple is shown to have a very close relationship, with each of them bearing different, but equally important responsibilities. Also highlighted on the show are Dog's grown sons Duane Lee Chapman II and Leland Chapman, who help on most of the bounty-hunting missions. Additionally, the show features other team members such as Tim "Youngblood" Chapman and Lyssa Chapman. Despite sharing a last name, Tim Chapman is not a blood relative of the other characters, but he is treated like a family member.

Most episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter involve the team's search for a fugitive who has violated the terms of his or her bail agreement. In most cases, these individuals try very hard to hide from Dog and his team, but they are usually captured by the end of the episode. This is done through intelligent work by the team, as well as through tips provided by outside sources. There are often dangerous altercations when the team gets close to capture, but most confrontations end with positivity as Dog urges the criminals to work on their lives and take advantage of the chances they are given. Typically, each episode features scenes of Dog's home life, also, in which he and his family are shown to be loving and relatively easy-going.

Before Dog the Bounty Hunter, many people did not know that real bounty hunters actually existed. Thanks to the show, though, few people are unaware of the profession. Dog and his team work hard at their jobs, and they provide fantastic entertainment for an hour each week.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on A&E
9 Seasons, 216 Episodes - Canceled
August 31, 2004
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  • Dog has difficulty keeping his team focused as one as they track a fugitive.

  • Dog tries to convince the family of a fugitive to participate with the search.

  • Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes and enjoy cast interviews and exclusive footage.

  • Dog and the team head to the Big Island in search of two courthouse no-shows only to discover that one of them appears to be posting status updates from Southern California. Will he have success finding the other?

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