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Dogfights is a television series that focuses on military aviation. The purpose of the television series is to depict dogfights. Dogfights are air battles during war time in which two or more planes fight in the air, maneuvering around each other and trying to shoot the other plane down. The series airs re-enactments of many famous dogfights. Dogfights were key strategies for winning battles in the Vietnam War and both World Wars.

The series interviews pilots who participated in the dogfights as well as modern day aviation experts in order to give viewers the opportunity to experience how it feels to be fighting in such a manner. They also show computer-generated videos and demonstrations of how the fights are done.

The series also shows fights that occur at sea, when planes would attack battleships and submarines. The series uses computer technology to give viewers a chance to experience many different aspects of a battle. Some demonstrations are shown through a cockpit viewpoint so the viewer can see everything that the pilot saw. Some views go outside the plane and show the damage as it occurs.

The series also goes in-depth when discussing particular types of aircraft, comparing various types to one another. The show also goes through all the different maneuvers that pilots use, detailing their names, objectives, and complexities. The series doesn't limit itself to interviewing just American pilots. The producers also interview veterans from the German and Japanese armies to get their viewpoints on the war and air battles.

Each episode of the television series focuses on one battle. The battle is re-enacted with the pilots who participated in the battle speaking about the event, if possible. The episode also delves into each pilot's backstory and what life was like for him at the time the battle was fought.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
2 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Canceled
November 3, 2006
Documentary & Biography, Action & Adventure, Military & War
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  • November 20, 1944. The USS Mississinewa, a massive oil tanker, sits off the coast of the island of Ulithi. At 5:45am, an explosion rips apart the vessel. This is the work of the Kaiten--a manned, suicide submarine.

  • In the fighter pilot business, they say "speed is life." Speed means the ability to maneuver. Speed is the initiative in a dogfight -- with the speed advantage you can almost always out perform and out think your opponent.

  • A WWII surprise attack by Germany in several European locations in January 1945 caused a clash between Allied and German fighters in the Operation Bodenplatte battles.

  • Recalling Vietnam War battles involving planes from the USS Midway.

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