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Secrecy and very illegal describes "Dollhouse" where your wishes come true and they can be anything you want them to be. "Actives" can be hired with the right amount of money and they are then programmed to match your needs perfectly. For reasons of their own, the Actives have chosen to surrender body and mind for five years and reside in the "Dollhouse". Once they surrender, they become molded and reprogrammed for the next assignment like a blank piece of clay empowering them with a new personality and skills that range from a passive role to even an assassin.

After the assignment is complete, their minds are erased resorting to a childlike state of mind, ready for their next assignment. However, there is a twist as one Active named "Echo" starts having flashbacks as to previous life adding interesting conflict in the futuristic dormitory/laboratory that is Dollhouse.

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on FOX
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
Drama, Science Fiction
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Dollhouse Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale of Dollhouse, we pick up from the events in "Epitaph 1". Set in the year 2020, Echo and the surviving Dollhouse crew attempt to restore order for a devastating future world before mankind is eliminated forever.

  • Echo and the crew head to Arizona for the final showdown with Rossum, with Echo drugged and disabled, and everyone unaware of the mole in their presence. Meanwhile, the mole's purpose in encouraging the development of Echo is revealed.

  • With the Rossum conspiracy now fully revealed, Echo and her allies must now make their stand to stop the Rossum Corporation from enslaving the free world. Echo will finally face herself as Caroline, even as Ballard struggles with the facts of his new existence.Meanwhile, an invasion is incurred upon the Dollhouse, and Whiskey/Dr. Claire Saunders finally returns to the Dollhouse.

  • Victor's is released back into the world after his contract with the Dollhouse expires. However, this new identity adjustment is both an internal and external battle because of his military past, which threatens his future with Sierra.

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