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Doogie Howser MD was a television series that aired during the late 1980's to early 1990's. It is a comedy drama which featured Neil Patrick Harris. In the show viewers witness a teenage doctor who has difficulty being a normal teenager as a result of his extraordinary situation. The show had 97 episodes and was one of the most popular shows of its time. This show was created by Steven Bocho and David E Kelley.

The premise of the show is about a teenage boy named Douglass Howser who is the son of a family physician. He survives early stage pediatric leukemia and as a result, Douglas decides to become a physician. Since Douglas possesses a genius level intellect and an exceptional memory, he begins longitudinal study as a child prodigy. During his schooling, Douglas aced the SAT exam, finished high school in nine weeks, graduated from Princeton University and finished medical school at age 14. His accomplishments were so extraordinary that a newspaper article referred to him as someone who can't buy beer but can prescribe drugs. During the show, many issues are explored. These issues include AIDS, racism, homophobia, sexism, gang violence, access to good medical care and losing virginity. Other issues of friendship and aging are also explored.

Doogie Howser MD is one of the more interesting shows ever made. It is a show that allows viewers to watch someone achieve extraordinary accomplishments. The fact that a teenage boy becomes a physician is quite remarkable and can give viewers a considerable amount of inspiration. With the various issues explored in the show, viewers will also become more aware of many important aspects of life and therefore view a rather intriguing show. For those into medical dramas and watching shows that deal with teenage prodigies, Doogie Howser MD is one of the better shows that one can watch.

4 Seasons, 98 Episodes - Canceled
September 19, 1989
Comedy, Drama
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  • Doogie feels his genius status is more of a curse than a blessing and looks for inspiration outside of medicine.

  • Vinnie sticks to the letter of the law after being called to court as a juror, as does Doogie after finding a bogus doctor is practicing at Eastman.

  • An acerbic cartoonist patient helps Doogie get a grip on his platonic relationship with Michele.

  • Vinnie is tested over right and wrong after a bank mistake gives him $16,000; Doogie must prove his integrity to a girl with a crush on him.

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