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Dr. Bob Arnot is an award-winning television correspondent, international traveler, sportsman, and medical doctor active in international humanitarian issues. Dr. Danger on MOJO is his latest television project, one which is a combination of all his activities.

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Wednesday 12:00 AM on Mojo
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes - New Series
Travel, Nature
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Dr. Danger Full Episode Guide

  • In the second episode, Bob meets staffers from World Vision and Save the Children and accompanies them to some of Afghanistan's most remote and unstable regions.

  • In the first of two episodes, Bob looks at the local conflict through the eyes of two American soldiers, joining them on air patrols, interactions with locals, and a mission to ...

  • In this episode, Dr. Bob experiences Oman's charms by taking on the challenges of its terrain via 4x4 vehicle, high-flying "zipline," and bobbing inner tube.

  • Dr. Bob visits this arid, barren, hot and dusty little nation which sits on the corner of the far eastern coast of Africa, surrounded by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia to its wes...

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