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Dragon ball GT is the last anime series of the famous Dragon Ball franchise. GT also airs as a sequel to the Dragon Ball Z series. The anime series was produced by Toei Animation and aired in Japan on Fuji channel in 1996, covering 64 episodes until it was culminated a year later. Compared to other anime series in the Dragon Ball market, GT is not connected with the manga created by Akira Toriyama. However, original characters in the manga were used in Dragon Ball GT.

Licensed by Funimation Entertainment, the GT series was allowed for an English translated version DVD copy and airing in the US. Funimation's English dub of Dragon Ball GT was broadcast on the Cartoon Network channel from 2003 to 2005. The first TV airing fast forwarded across 16 episodes. Funimation Entertainment compressed the 16 first episodes into one episode entitled "A Grand Problem". The fast forwarded episodes were later broadcast on the same channel entitled "The Lost Episodes" succeeding the authentic broadcast's finale. Dragon Ball GT series was later launched in DVD copy in a Season set. The original Season set was launched in 2008 and the second one was launched in 2009.

Season 1 of Dragon Ball GT includes 16 different episodes, which started in 1996. Episodes include A Devastating Wish, Pan Blasts Off, Terror on Imecka, The Most Wanted List and Goku Vs Ledgic. The story line of Season 1 starts off with Goku and Uub fighting inside Dende's hideout. Emperor Pilaf sneakily goes outside the hideout and into the inner domain, unnoticed. He then glimpses on the Black Star Dragon Balls, and calls upon the dragon guarding it. He is then interfered by Goku. Annoyed and angry, Emperor Pilaf wishes Goku was a kid again so he could defeat him. Accidentally, the dragon grants the wish, turning Goku into a child again. After the emperor departs, King Kai tells Son Goku that the only means he could go back to normal is to search for the Black Star Dragon Balls that are dispersed along the galaxy. Goku refuses to do so and says it is much easier to simply grow up again. However, he later founds out that the planet where the wish was made will be destroyed within a year and the only way to save it is if Son Goku finds all the seven Dragon Balls. This is where Dragon Ball GT's story line starts.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 71 Episodes - Ended
November 1, 2003
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  • After Shenron appears without summoning he explains why the evil dragons had to be born in the first place. He also says the dragon balls will be gone forever so that the darkness of the evil dragons will never surface the earth again. Goku leaves with Shenron to train. At the end of the episode Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. fight in the world martial arts tournament.

  • With no hope of winning Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten attempt to defeat Omega Shenron but are easily defeated. Goku returns with a Spirit bomb and uses all the energy in the universe to make a final attempt to deafeat Omega Shenron

  • Omega Shenron takes the four star dragon ball out of Goku's fourhead and revives Nuova Shenron. Without knowing it Nuova and Goku has formed an alliance with an attempt to defeat Omega.

  • Now that the fusion time has worn off Goku and Vegeta desperatley try to do fusion again but fail, all hope seems lost when Goku reverts back to his child form when Goku decides to swallow the four star ball.

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