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Dragon Tales is a series designed for toddlers about a world where Dragons exist but can only be accessed through a magical chant by the main characters Max and Emmy. Max and Emmy are brother and sister with Emmy being the older of the two, when they play together in their room and recite a special poem over a dragon scale that they found together, they are suddenly transported away to a magical land filled with all sorts of Dragons. Hence the reason the show is titled Dragon Tales.

Once they arrive in Dragon Land, they have several Dragon friends with which they can go on adventures and experience the magical world. Emmy and a shy dragon named Cassie are best friends, while Max and a large boisterous dragon named Ord are inseparable. There is a two headed dragon, viewed much like twin brother and sister named Zak and Wheezie and the fearless, wise lead dragon that usually provides the educational portion of the show is named Quetzal. There is even a dragon in a wheelchair named Lorca and consequently this dragon is unable to fly.

There are several other dragons however the show mainly focuses on this key group while trying to educate preschoolers on sharing, playing fair, good manners, tolerance and several other key developmental areas for toddlers. Each episode is usually between 20-22 minutes and has two to three songs to entertain and teach.

The show ran for 6 full years starting in 1999 and ending in 2005 and has more than a hundred episodes making it a fairly successful children's series.

3 Seasons, 94 Episodes - Canceled
September 6, 1999
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Dragon Tales Full Episode Guide

  • While putting their heads together for a very important project, dragon siblings Zak and Wheezie discover that two heads are better than one. / Max tackles his fear of riding horses when roving ponies trot into town.

  • Max and Emmy are excited to get to Dragon Land, as today is the big opening of the Dragon Land Aquarium. / It's time for Quetzal to read from the Magic Story Book, but Enrique has never chosen a story.

  • Enrique arrives one warm spring day to find Max and Emmy in their winter clothes! Max and Emmy are going to Dragon Land to sled on Snowy Summit. / Max is afraid of making a mistake in the lead role of the School in the Sky play.

  • Emmy and Max go to Dragon Land, eager because Cassie said she was bringing a surprise to the School in the Sky. / Max, Emmy and Enrique don't have school today, but they are joining the dragons at the School in the Sky.

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