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Series Length:6 Seasons, 121 Episodes
Network: UMS

Dream On is a groundbreaking show that debuted in 1990 and ran for six seasons. It was a notable program because it took the situation comedy and was able to mix in much more adult and risqué material due to the fact that it was on pay cable television. The show was freely able to include nudity and sexually explicit conversation and material.

The show's main character is Martin Tupper. He works for a small book publishing company. Although divorced, Martin still frequently interacts with his ex-wife, with whom he shares custody of their teenage son, Jeremy. Martin is actively single, and much of the show's humor centers around Martin's attempts to date and to bed new women. He has a lecherous best friend, Eddie Charles, who was a television personality that usually led Martin away from the path of the straight and narrow. The show is set in New York and uses the backdrop of the busy city to show what Martin's life is like. His frequent precarious situations are usually caused by his ex-wife, Judith, who had remarried a high profile politician. He also has an ornery personal assistant at work, Toby, who also was the source of many Martin Tupper headaches.

The show uses a lot of old television and movie clips as cutaways, lending to the backstory that Martin was raised in front of his television set and that most of his life experiences could be related to an old TV show or film.

The cast includes Brian Benben, Wendie Malick, Denny Dillon, Dorien Wilson, Michael McKean and Chris Demetral

The show has been well received by critics and has won several Cable Ace Awards. Dream On won the coveted award for Best Series and also received nods for best editing and best directing. Malick won four Cable Ace Awards for her acting. Chris Demetral won the Young Artist Award for his performance as Jeremy Tupper.

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Status: Ended
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 10/10
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  • Martin and Judith learn Dr. Stone might be defrosted and revived.

  • Preparing for Eddie's wedding, Martin questions whether or not he has a future with Judith.

  • Martin's old apartment is becoming a huge money pit, costing him exorbitant maintenance fees and so he resolves to get rid of it. He has a meeting with Irwin Bader who isn't optimistic of getting much over $1,500, even though he sold it to Martin for $2,400. Libby expresses an interest on behalf of her son, but Martin passes on the idea.

  • Judith plans a dinner party for their couple friends, so she suggests that Martin not invite currently single Eddie. When Eddie finds out, he makes Martin feel guilty until he invites him, but the evening doesn't go well. Eddie has nothing in common with the couples and so he storms out. Next day, Martin and Judith meet a recently separated friend, Rema, whom Martin invites to their apartment for dinner, planning to also invite Eddie and match them up. Eddie begins spending all his time with Rema and hardly sees Martin.

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