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The show dumbest stuff on wheels is a television series is solely based on various different clips, usually only lasting for a few seconds. These short clips are focused on different people all across the world crash various different forms of transportation. These forms of transportation vary from bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, buses, cars, trucks, and virtually anything else that you can ride on wheels, even skateboards and roller blades. Most of these clips include people crashing these things on wheels in unique or what some would call stupid ways. This show is filled with heart pumping adrenaline, speed, and burning rubber. It provides thrilling entertainment and gut wrenching action.

On the epic Dumbest Stuff on Wheels television series, it is continuously show seat gripping, action-packed, and knee slapping showcase of the most insane, craziest, most mind blowing and absolute dumbest and unbelievable situations, failed stunts, crashes, accidents and surprises ever attempted on wheels and caught on real time video. These clips happen in parking decks or lots to neighborhood streets, race ways to interstates, Dumbest Stuff on Wheels television series gathers up and show millions of viewers the best and funniest clips from all over the country. Furthermore, dumbest stuff on wheels also presented these clips in a fast-paced, gut busting half hour. With the hilarious Matt Iseman is tour guide and narrator of this unbearable hilarity. Even his narration provides endless entertainment and comedy throughout the show.

This television series will amaze you with its video clips, filling your living room with laughter, breath taking gasps, and the infamous phrase, oh my God. This show is jammed packed full of outrageous clips that will leave you glued to your television and gripping the end of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. You will not believe the things people will attempt to do on wheels, and you will not realize how stupid some people really can be. Whether you are looking to get a good laugh or just see how many people in this world crash and burn, dumbest stuff on wheels is the television series for you. Dumbest stuff on wheels is gaining popularity and there is no question as to why.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on SPEED
2 Seasons, 28 Episodes - Currently Airing
August 3, 2011
Comedy, Family
Dumbest Stuff on Wheels
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Dumbest Stuff on Wheels Full Episode Guide

  • Batman crashes in a drag race; longboarders collide and fall like dominoes; two bikers joust

  • An out-of-control car careens across a busy highway; a minibike rider attempts a trampoline jump; and a Cadillac destroys a house trailer.

  • A driver creates a parking spot between two cars, a cop loses control of his Segway, and a moto racer rides his rear tire. Only on SPEED.

  • A man tales out thieves with his bicycle, a car is hit by a train, and a car is smashed by a tank.

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