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Dynasty was an American prime time soap opera. It ran for 9 seasons. It told the story of the Carringtons. They were a wealthy oil family who lived in Denver, Colorado. Blake Carrington, who was the patriarch of the family, was portrayed by John Forsythe.His wife, Krystle Carrington, was portrayed by Linda Evans. Dynasty was ABC's competition to NBC's own prime time soap opera; Dallas.

Dynasty was nominated for an Emmy every year of the first 6 years. It finally won in its third year. In the second year of Dynasty British actress Joan Collins joined the cast. She portrayed Blake Carrington's first wife Alexis. It was the addition of this character that propelled the shows rating up from a dismal first season.

Dynasty had one claim to fame, that kept the ratings for this melodrama high every week. That was the rivalry between Linda Evans' character of Krystle, and Joan Collins character of Alexis. Alexis was Blake's first wife. She tries everything she can to undermine Krystle's new authority in the family, as Blake's new wife. But Krystle is a strong adversary. She will not be overpowered by Alexis. There are many episodes where both women have physical altercations. The public would refer to them as 'catfights'.

Throughout it's run on ABC, Dynasty was written, directed and acted by the some of the best talent Hollywood had to offer. Which explains its 9 year successful run. Both John Forsythe and Joan Collins each had extremely successful careers on television and movies before Dynasty arrived. It will have a very important place in television history.

9 Seasons, 219 Episodes - Canceled
January 12, 1981
Drama, Soaps
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  • In the series finale, Captain Handler makes his move on Blake and the treasure. Meanwhile, Alexis and Sable's rivalry is ended once and for all and Fallon's past comes back to haunt her.

  • Fallon and Alexis finds Grimes' killer. Meanwhile, Jeff attacks Adam and Alexis and Sable have a fight of their own.

  • A tabloid magazine goes after Jeff and Monica. Meanwhile, Zorelli quits for Fallon; Blake is tied to the scene of Chisholm's death; and Grimes' widow has a son.

  • Blake finds an interesting clue among his father's possessions. Meanwhile, Fallon becomes frightened as childhood memories begin to flood back to her.

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