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The television show East of Eden is a drama from South Korea. This show was the 47th Anniversary Special Project Drama of the Chorokbaem Media Company. Twenty five billion won was spent on the production of this show. This show is about the lives of two men. At their birth fate arranged it so their paths would be crossed. Lee Dong Chul was five years old when his father was killed. He was a witness to the murder. Since that day he has voted to get revenge on the man that killed his father. The man responsible is named Shin Tae Hwan. As it turns out that Chul's younger brother Myung Hun was switched at birth with Hwan's son Dong Wook. This happened before the families left the hospital. Wook wants to be a prosecutor so he can help put Hwan in jail. The show has not yet relieved that Wook is really Hwan's son. The views are wonder how he is going to react when he finds out this news. They are also kept guessing on how his brother is going to react to this information. The show goes back and forth from the characters in the present time to the time when they were younger.

The show has a long list of cast members that have become well known in South Korea. Song Seung Hun plays the main character of Chul. The show also has actors that play the five year old version of this character as well as the teenager version of the character. Yeon Jung-hook and Park Hae jin also star in the show.

East of Eden has won many awards in South Korea. One of the top awards this show has won is for best drama at the MBc awards in 2008. The actors have also won awards for their performances. This show has won the best actor, actress, and best newcomer awards also in the same year. The writers of the show were also awards at the MBC awards for their storyline.

1 Season, 58 Episodes - Canceled
Korean Drama
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  • Myunghoon is the whistle-blower while trying to stop Tae Sung from using the secret files he took from his father.

  • Dongchul takes Grace to the hospital his mother is in.

  • Dongwook brings forth a warrant to search and seize Dongchul's office at the casino.

  • Shin Taehwan has hidden illegal drugs at the International Casino.

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Would You Pay to See Jennifer Lawrence in 'East of Eden'? How about twice?

Move goers can't seem to get enough of Jennifer Lawrence, and if her "Hunger Games" director has his way, they'll get even more of her than they expected. Gary Ross is set to direct an adaptation of John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" starring Lawrence, and Ross thinks that the story is so big that it demands more than just one movie to tell it.

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