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Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy is an animated comedy television series. This television show follows the life of three quirky young boys as they go through everyday instances of mischief and scheming. This group of boys, known as the Eds, have a very tight bond with each other. They're quite inseparable. This bond finds them teaming up with one another in pursuit of cold hard cash. As a collective, the Eds use their individual abilities to work over some of their peers to con them for the dollar bill they desire. More times than not, their con man lifestyle lands them in situations that tend to get out of control which leaves them in messy predicaments.

The Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy show highlights the world of its main characters, the Eds. The Eds are a group of boys living in a cul-de-sac who happen to share similar names. Though they share the common bond of similar names and an extreme appetite for jawbreaker candy, these youngsters are definitely separate when it comes to standing out as individuals.

Ed is a character that's constantly joyful. Ed is always happy but can also be considered not the brightest individual. He has an amazing imagination fueled by the likes of movies about monsters and comic books. He often gets so caught up in them that his grip on reality gets distorted. Edd, who is often referred to as Double-D, is the brainiac. He is an avid inventor and neat freak. Double-D is easily identified by his black ski hat that resembles a sock. He is a consistent straight-A student and has a strong distaste for athletics. Eddy, the leader of the group, is a greedy, short-tempered con artist. He is a real ambitious individual who uses his drive in a not so productive manner. Eddy dedicates extreme effort to scam neighborhood kids out of their money in pursuit of his candy of choice jawbreakers.

Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy is created by Danny Antonucci. The show first aired on January 4th of 1999. It is produced by a.k.a. Cartoon, Yeson Animation Studios and Funbag Animation Studios. It has an average run time of 22 minutes.

Cartoon Network
6 Seasons, 136 Episodes - Canceled
January 4, 1999
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Ed, Edd n' Eddy Full Episode Guide

  • This time Eddy has gone too far and pulled a prank that has the whole neighborhood gang after him. And only one person can save him... his legendary, never seen before, older brother!

  • Edd and Jimmy form a winter safety club to prevent any accidents around the school during the winter.

  • The Eds attend their first school dance.

  • Aliens invade the Cul-de-sac on top of Rolf's house! And now everyone is freaking out about the aliens! The kids must band together to drive the aliens back where they came from!

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