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“El Chavo Animado” is a Mexican cartoon created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños. It is based on a live-action television series, and is available in both Spanish and English dubs. It has remained on the air since its debut in 2006. Unlike many cartoon shows, it is aired online via several different websites, and is animated using 3D computer backgrounds, and 2D drawings. Animation is done by the "Flash" online animation software.

The original live action show was a superhero adventure show, that utilized a lot of violent humor. This humor highlighted the silliness of most superhero shoes. Most of the violence was cut back in the animated series, the first episodes of which were adaptations of the original series.

Instead of the heavily aggressive style featured in the live action series, the animated series included more light hearted, cartoon violence. The toned down violence was designed to help the show appeal to younger children.

The humor of “El Chavo Animado” featured a lot of repeated, serial gags, that helped link episodes. These gags formed the backbone of the series. Characters such as Chilindrina were replaced by characters like “Popis” while other characters, like Paty, came back from the original series.

1 Season, 71 Episodes
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El Chavo Animado Full Episode Guide

  • Malvina y Fabiola inician el plan para encerrar a Maria Mercedes. Jorge Luis decide acompañar a Meche en el viaje y Mística aprovecha para coquetearle.

  • Don Ramón les cuenta a sus amigos la vez que escaló una gran montaña. El Chavo y sus amigos encuentran un castillo de hielo.

  • Jaimito y los niños construyen una granja dentro de la vecindad. Don Ramón lo ayuda a convertir su carrito de supermercado en taxi para compartir las ganancias.

  • El Chavo y sus amigos están muy tristes porque Ñoño se va a vivir lejos. Los niños quieren construir una casa del árbol para jugar al rey de los monos.

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