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When successful San Francisco lawyer Eli Stone develops strange hallucinations, it seems as though the cause: a life threatening inoperable brain aneurysm, will be the end of his career. Eli's intense hallucinations bring his judgement and later his ability to practice law into question. With the help of family, good friends, and hit singer George Michael Eli Stone finds out the hard way that you do not have to believe in a higher power for it to believe in you. Although his gut reaction is usually to lie, give up, or give in, Eli Stone learns that when God has a plan for your life refusal is not really an option.

A strong undercurrent to the main theme of philanthropy is Eli's father, Jeremy Stone who's own hallucinations plagued Eli's childhood. His father masked his unpredictable and strange behavior as best he could, earning him a reputation as a drunk and a disappointment. These memories haunt Eli's own attempts at personal relationships, especially as his symptoms become more pronounced.

Eli Stone offers a cast of charming recurring characters that provide a moving counterpoint to his point and teach him important lessons in faith and humility. Eli's brother Nathan is a Neurologist who always has a helpful dose of reality to spare. Patti Dellacroix is Eli's sarcastic, but motherly secretary. Taylor Weathersby is Eli's beautiful fiance who also happens to be the daughter of law firm owner Jordan Weathersby, Eli's boss. Rounding out the excellent cast is Dr. Frank Chen, the owner of an acupuncture shop where Eli turns when he needs help finding his way.

Eli Stone's mental and spiritual journey is full of catchy tunes and upbeat dance numbers featuring the hits of George Michael as well as intense images that ultimately help him make important decisions for his clients, his life, and the good of those around him.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Canceled
January 31, 2008
Drama, Comedy
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  • Eli is convinced that one of his friends will die in a plane crash.

  • Eli fights for the little man against a greedy CEO whose bad decisions cost hundreds their jobs.

  • Eli and Maggie deal with the aftermath of the change in their relationship, and , while dealing with the Sonoma case, and a new man enters Maggie's life.

  • Eli, Matt, Taylor, and Maggie all find themselves in the small town of Sonoma, working on the same case from different sides... and dealing with the issues between them.

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