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Emily of New Moon was originally a novel written by an inspiring woman, Lucy Maud Montgomery that progressed into a delightful television series over time. The show is about a young orphan that finds her way into the home of two Aunts; one stern, filled with righteousness and the other meek and unsure of her position in the world. The young girl's name was Emily Star played by Martha MacIssac. Taken in by her relatives, Emily leads her new life in New Moon Farm, which is on Prince Edward Island. She is not alone on the farm long before Perry Miller appears played by, Kris Lemche. Cousin Jimmy Emily's Aunt Elizabeth Murray played by Ilse Burnley and Laura Murray played by Shelia McCarthy goes through the processes of life. Lucy Maud Montgomery who was born on November 30, 1897 in Clifton, on Prince Edward Island and the Canadian production of her book aired from 1998 to 2000.

Stephen McHattie plays a wonderful role as Cousin Jimmy, while Susan Clark plays the roles of Emily's Aunt Elizabeth who has taken upon herself as family caretaker. There have also been guest stars on the show including Martha Burns, Janet Wright, Lisa Houle and others. The other cast members are, Shawn Roberts playing the role as Teddy Kent, Chip Ciupka who played as Mr. Carpenter, John Neville who played as uncle Malcom, Linda Thorson who played Emily's Cousin Isabel and Jessica Pellerin who play as Emily's friend Lise Burnley and Peter Donaldson as the roguishly rich, Lan Bowles.

The story is filled with a Victorian feel and has an episode with a visit from the Queen. The story reminds of an era when people were poor and more interested in helping. Daily life was simple and hopes always looked to the future. Emily of the New Moon produced by Michael Donovan, Ronald Weinberg and Micheline Charest, is a lovely tale of a simpler time, when it was easier to mix dreams with reality. The character, Emily of New Moon was a sensitive person that could see what others overlooked. The characters of Emily of New Moon were very adventurous, anxious to discover new things in their limited world.

4 Seasons, 46 Episodes - Canceled
January 1, 1998
Children, Drama
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Emily of New Moon Full Episode Guide

  • Overjoyed at finishing her first book she goes to see Teddy to see what he thinks of it. Only he breaks her heart when he is brutally honest about it bringing back memories of Dean Priest.Emily then falls down the stairs and remembers back through a series of flashbacks the moments in her life that have shaped her future.

  • Emily is feeling as happy as can be and has been writing for weeks and sending her work off.As she is waiting Rhoda takes off with Emily's mail before she gets a chance to see it. She does this for a while as Emily is receiving acceptance letter and money cheques from a New York publisher Thelonius Grand. Her plans goes astray when the publisher days that he is coming to the island to meet Emily.It all comes out in the end although Rhoda nearly pulls off the scam only to have Emily give her a gift.Ian also leaves New Moon and is believed to have committed suicide. He gave his rights up to Laura for New Moon and she is left to raise Margaux's son.

  • Perry returns to Blair Water only to be leaving shortly to fight in the Boer War. Other strange occurances are also going on with a love letter finding its way to Cousin Jimmy and a stranger coming to town.

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