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The drama series entitled Emperor of the Sea is centered on the life and experiences of Jang Bogo. He was a popular and well known for his contributions in the history of his country. The drama was full of adventure and a mixture of intriguing suspense. It was all based on a true and real life story. The drama comprised 51 episodes and was broadcast on channels like the KBS2.

Jang Bogo was born into slavery and saw a very tough and challenging childhood growing up as a slave. However things experienced a turnaround for him in the later days of his adult life when he rose to positions of authority and leadership.

When Jang Bogo was still a very young boy he lost his mother. She was abducted and killed by pirates in Cheonghae where they lived and which was the birthplace of Jang Bogo. It was after the death of his mother that Jang Bogo was forcefully taken to China slave dealers and sold into slavery where he worked as a gladiator slave. Since he was a very smart and crafty young man he worked very hard and dvelopded many skills and friendships too.

He became friends with Yeom Jang who was a young man liked by others around him because he was full of charisma and charm. Jang Bogo and Yeom got trained by the same trainer in martial arts and this made their friendship to become even stronger. After his training Jang Bogo rose became a commander in the military and later became a sea merchant. He engaged in waging wars against sea pirates with so much determination.

Jang Bogo's hardwork and dedication to his tasks made him become very popular among his fellow countrymen. The pirates feared him terribly. He was highly respected by the members of his government as well as his fellow citizens too.

The story continued with the two friends Jand and Yeon falling in love with the same young lady known as Jeong-hwa and this caused some rivalry to develop between the two friends as they competed for her love.

The main characters in the drama include Choi Jong starring as Jang Bogo, Song Gook starring as Yeom and Kim Heung Soo starring as Jeong.

KBS America
1 Season, 51 Episodes - Canceled
Action & Adventure
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Emperor of the Sea Full Episode Guide

  • Jangbogo pledges war against Kimyang when he learns of Kimyang?s scheme to overthrow the King and become the King himself. Despite much opposition, Jangbogo meets Yumjang.

  • The doctor confesses that he poisoned Kim Woo-jing to death under Kim Yang and Yumjang?s order. Meanwhile, Jangbogo is saddened to leave Jung-hwa alone with young Emperor, and asks Yumjang to take good care of her.

  • Lady Jami acts bold and brave after being captured by Jangbogo?s soldiers, but begs Yumjang to spare her life at the price of all of her hidden fortune. Meanwhile, Kim Yang suggests Yumjang to kill Jangbogo, and Yumjang hesitates.

  • Lady Jami tries to negotiate with Jangbogo to provide her with troops and Kim Woo-jing at the price of Jung-hwa?s life. Jangbogo firmly refuses to make any kind of comprise with her.

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