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Two great, Venevision and Univision join forces for the first time to launch the mega production of the telenovela Eva Luna. With an impressive debut in the soap operas genre of the beautiful model and former Miss Mexico, Blanca Soto, and by the hand of the handsome Guy Ecker, bring to life the romantic and intriguing Eva Luna.

Eva Gonzalez is a humble girl with great intelligence that resides in California where she spends the time farming. Not knowing what fate has in store, something she did once will attach her for better or worse to the firm Advertising Arizmendi. Eva is forced to travel to Los Angeles where she begins to live hell while learning to survive with claws and strength in order to take care of her younger sister when her father is killed by a mysterious driver.

Eva is warned by her aunt Augusta who is sighted, that her future awaits full of darkness and misfortune, Eva will know a man who will make her feel and know the deepest emotions between hate and love. This man is Daniel Villanueva, one of the most successful men in Los Angeles and who one day will steal Eva's love and will.

A soap opera full of passion, intrigue, suspense and crime comes to the screen through Eva Luna, with a cast of professionals, giving life to the villains, the most passionate and the most intriguing characters, Eva Luna becomes one of the most viewed soap operas for the Latino, Hispanic and American audience.

Across all setbacks against Eva she manages to strongly establish at the Advertising Arizmendi firm where two men will fight face to face for the love of her, Daniel and Leonardo are brothers in law, but will become the worst enemies by the art of intrigue and lies for the love of Eva Luna. Eva Luna is a parade of beauty and elegance, an intense story with touches of humor to fill your nights with complicity.

1 Season, 110 Episodes - Canceled
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Eva Luna Full Episode Guide

  • Eva Luna llega a su final y termina con magna boda, castigo de villanos y recompensa de virtuoso.

  • Tony cae en la trampa de Leonardo y casi pierde la vida.

  • Tras un terrible accidente, Victoria queda en coma.

  • Victoria descubre que no es hija de Marcela y que es hija de Justa.

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