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F Troop is a comedy that tells the story of a troop of soldiers who inhabit Fort Courage. The series is set near the end of the Civil War. The series is based on the antics of the soldiers of F Troop. They are led by Captain Wilton Parmenter, played by the actor Ken Berry. Parmenter is honorable and sweet, but he is also clumsy and naive.

Parmenter succumbs to a fit of sneezing during an attack. Soldiers mistake the sneezing for a signal to charge. The charge is a success! Parmenter is rewarded with a metal. However, he is pricked with the metal

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes - Canceled
September 14, 1965
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F Troop Full Episode Guide

  • A former troop member returns to Fort Courage for his wedding, but is mistaken as an inspector sent to shut down the camp.

  • Wild Eagle becomes a soldier so he can visit their dentist and fix his toothache. But after a visiting General promotes him, he decides to remain at Fort Courage.

  • The cure is worse than the illness after Captain Parmenter comes down with a cold just before his examination for a promotion to Major.

  • Fort Courage must prove itself useful after Big Jim Parker buys up their land along with the Hikawis.

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