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Series Length:1 Season, 6 Episodes
Schedule: Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel

"F2: Forensic Factor" is a crime documentary show that delves into the in-depth process that law enforcement uses to solve many brutal crimes. The process begins after a crime has been reported to law enforcement and the crime scene investigators go out to the scene. Carefully gathering potential evidence, plus taking photographs as an investigation tool. Another line of investigation begins when the medical examiner performs an autopsy on the victim to find out the cause of death at the local morgue. Understanding victimology is part of the process that investigators use to solve each case.

Each criminal case when murder is involved is divided into several points in the investigation. Motive is the key understanding on why a crime is committed and can fall into several different categories. Three of the main categories are Money, Love and Revenge to name the multiple factors that could lead to homicide. Other cases that involve multiple murders have their own special circumstances that include a profile of serial killers and their motivations for murder. When all of the pieces fall into place, investigators can solve a case whether it takes a few months or after many years of investigation regarding cold cases.

"Investigation Discovery" is part of the family of the Discovery Networks that provide informative programing to the national viewing public. Though many of the viewers of this program are advised to discretion for younger viewers, because of the mature subject matter. This program is part of the leading trend for educating the public on forensic techniques, also the public can come forward with information to law enforcement regarding certain cases as an appeal. Short videos of this program are available on the Internet for online access anytime. Tune in to "Investigation Discovery" and see what all of the buzz is about behind the yellow tape.

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Status: Returning Series
Genre: Crime
Rating: 6/10
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3 Episodes
  • A vivacious teenage girl is found brutally stabbed to death in her car in a small Pennsylvania city. The motive is elusive; she wasn't sexually assaulted, and she was happy and popular. But as police look closer, they discover she was involved in a shocking love triangle that breaks all the rules. When the suspects' stories overlap and raise more questions than they answer, investigators turn to forensics to separate the lies from the startling truth. One tenacious detective goes to surprising lengths to obtain that evidence, and in the end, in a dramatic twist, it's the victim herself who gives police what they need.

  • A Special Task Force hunts down a deadly stalker on the loose in small-town Abbotsford, British Columbia - where one teenaged girl is found brutally killed and another barely alive. Turning to the latest in forensic dentistry and acoustic technology, investigators try to decipher mysterious marks left on the dead girl's body and a series of taunting messages from the killer himself. In piecing together their puzzle - and with the life of every resident in Abbotsford hanging in the balance - investigators are forced to consider that the killer may even be a member of their Task Force.

  • A series of seemingly random shootings have terrorized the city of East Point, Georgia, just outside Atlanta. Police are baffled as to the killer's motive, how he is choosing his victims and when he will strike again. Apart from leaving behind taunting messages, mysteriously signed "JACK", the shooter leaves behind little evidence. And investigators are baffled as to why he always seems to be one step ahead of them. As the citizens of East Point hide behind locked doors, the police use every forensic trick at their disposal to unmask this brazen killer and bring him to justice.

  • In the winter of 2005, under the cover of darkness, a killer cruises the city streets of downtown Phoenix, AZ, hunting for prey. In a single night, three homeless men and four animals were shot to death - and a woman was critically injured - all by a .22-calibre long rifle. Upon deeper investigation, Det. Clark Schwartzkopf discovers a shocking number of unsolved, similar ambush-style shootings in recent months - and makes a stunning realization: based on ballistics and scatter pattern reconstruction, Schwartzkopf concludes that they are looking for not one killer, but two - a driver and a shooter. The pair of killers, known to profilers as "Team Thrill Killers," is motivated to kill together by the adrenaline rush of hunting victims and spreading terror. Can he make a connection and stop the killer duo before panic takes hold of Phoenix?

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