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Face Off, is a SyFy Channel original reality television show. The show centers around a group of special effects makeup artists who compete for a grand prize. Their work is judged by some of Hollywood's best makeup artist and producers. Each week at the beginning of the one hour program, the contestant are given a challenge. The challenges center around a theme to change a person into whatever the challenge is for the week. There have been optical illusion challenges to make their model blend into the background image and challenges to create characters for a Tim Burton style film.

Artists are given a set amount of time to complete their challenge before going in front of the judges. The artists are being graded on a number of different elements such as painting technique and sculpting. The created characters are also judged on clothing choice and how well they fit in with the challenge. Each week a new special guest judge is announced. These judges are usually top name science fiction television and movie actors or special effects artists.

After each artists presents their creation, the judges decided who did the best and worst for that week. One contestant is sent home every week until there is only one remaining contestant. They are then chosen as the winner and receive the grand prize.

This show gives you a real behind the scenes look at what it takes to create some of the movies most iconic creatures. You are taken from start to finish as artists first sketch and then sculpt their designs. You see each persons painting techniques and how they choose the look for their character creation. Finally, you get to watch as the makeup is applied to the model revealing the full transformation from man to creature.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
10 Seasons, 129 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 26, 2011
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Face Off Full Episode Guide

  • In the second part of the season finale, one of the three finalists is crowned the new Face Off champion.

  • The finalists create makeup for films adapted from a horror anthology collected by none other than famed director and producer Jason Blum.

  • The artists are challenged to create an indigenous species that would reside on King Kong's Skull Island.

  • Characters from the World of Warcraft game come to life by the remaining artists who create realistic characters for the 2016 film adaptation, which stars guest judge Robert Kazinsky.

  • In this week's challenge, the artists must create a Cyclops character; guest judge Douglas Smith.

  • The artists must create mischievous genie characters.

  • The artists compete in a twisted fantasy challenge.

  • With the return of the Gauntlet, the eight remaining artists compete in a series of three challenges, with the winners of the first two rounds receiving a reward, while the artist on the bottom of the third round is sent packing.

  • The artists create whimsical ghost characters based on unique and comical obituaries.

  • The artists are paired up to create their own parasitic aliens that burst out of their human hosts.

  • The artist are challenged with creating a realistic disguise makeup for their first individual, Focus Challenge. Super Producer Gale Anne Hurd serves as Guest Judge.

  • The remaining 12 artists team up to create a member of a long-lost race inspired by unique languages created by "Game of Thrones" linguist David Peterson.

  • The artists team up to create a whimsical makeup inspired by an oversized toy.

  • In the tenth season premiere, fourteen talented artists are paired up to create alien bounty hunters.

  • In the ninth season finale, the winner is announced.

  • The finalists are excited to begin the Face Off finale challenge and discover they'll be working with a real-life Hollywood director and full production crew to create three stunning short films on location.

  • The artists are challenged with creating quirky and macabre family member characters, and are shocked when they find out it's a double elimination.

  • The artists tackle a Focus Challenge inspired by the Expanse. Later, they must re-invent human evolution in a disastrous future-Earth scenario.

  • The artists hope to impress the judges with their freak show-inspired makeups.

  • The remaining artists bring their own interpretation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to life.

  • The nine remaining artists must endure a grueling set of three increasingly difficult challenges called "The Gauntlet."

  • The artists must transform a male model into a female character from a classic Shakespearean play.

  • The artists must create a retro-style extraterrestrial being.

  • Immunity is up for grabs as the artists compete in a Foundation Challenge based on a classic Rorschach inkblot test.

  • The artists have two days to create and apply a clean, detailed face makeup based upon literary mash-ups.

  • It the series' 100th episode, the artists must transform real-life engaged couples into whimsically macabre characters for a group wedding.

  • The remaining sixteen artist take on their next challenge as they create beautiful but deadly sirens inspired by exotic creatures of the sea.

  • In the ninth season premiere, sixteen new talented artists are paired up and construct original alien animals that incorporate two models into one massive creation.

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