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Series Length:7 Seasons, 289 Episodes
Network: TV Tokyo

Fairy Tail is an anime, or Japanese animation show, based off of a manga. Manga is something like a Japanese comic book. This fantasy show originally aired in Japan. Later, it was translated into English and aired in the United States in 2011.

The story centers around the main character, Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy is a wizard who has left home to find and join a wizards

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Genre: Anime
Rating: 9.1/10
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  • Eight wizard duos travel to an island rich with magic--but only one wizard will be given S-Class ranking. The first battle of the trials begins as Lucy and Cana go head-to-head with two members of the Thunder God Tribe.

  • The guild holds an annual test to see who is worthy of becoming an S-Class wizard. This year only eight members--and their partners--are competing, but not everyone is excited about the exam.

  • Arcadios reveals the details of the top-secret Eclipse Project to Natsu and friends, but things quickly go awry when Lucy is taken into custody.

  • Natsu and the other Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers discover a dragon graveyard beneath the coliseum. There, they learn a surprising truth about the dragons and the Dragon Slayers...

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