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Fairy Tail is an anime, or Japanese animation show, based off of a manga. Manga is something like a Japanese comic book. This fantasy show originally aired in Japan. Later, it was translated into English and aired in the United States in 2011. The story centers around the main character, Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy is a wizard who has left home to find and join a wizards

TV Tokyo
17 Seasons, 554 Episodes
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Fairy Tail Full Episode Guide

  • With the crisis now over, the wizard guilds gather in the castle for a grand celebration. Natsu is nowhere to be seen, however...

  • The Fairy Tail wizards focus all their power on the Eclipse gate in a last-ditch effort to destroy it and change the future.

  • Ultear uses her ultimate time-manipulation spell to try to undo recent events... but at great cost.

  • Millianna finally confronts Jellal in the middle of the war-torn city. Elsewhere, the battle against the smaller dragons takes a drastic turn.

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