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Fairy Tail is an anime, or Japanese animation show, based off of a manga. Manga is something like a Japanese comic book. This fantasy show originally aired in Japan. Later, it was translated into English and aired in the United States in 2011. The story centers around the main character, Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy is a wizard who has left home to find and join a wizards

TV Tokyo
8 Seasons, 403 Episodes
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Fairy Tail Full Episode Guide

  • Eight wizard duos travel to an island rich with magic--but only one wizard will be given S-Class ranking. The first battle of the trials begins as Lucy and Cana go head-to-head with two members of the Thunder God Tribe.

  • The legendary Zeref has a special one-on-one meeting with Natsu. Other members of Fairy Tail discover that the terrifying Face weapon has been activated. They quickly set out to stop it, but they meet with heavy resistance!

  • Elfman's attempt to blow up Fairy Tail reaches its explosive conclusion! Elsewhere, Lummy begins to transform Mirajane into a hideous creation meant to do Tartaros' bidding. This looks like the end for the Fairy Tail guild!

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