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Fallen is a television show that began airing in the year 2006. This show is based on a series of novels known as the Fallen. When watching this show viewers will get to see the content in three parts. The most notable of the parts was the first one which was originally classified as a Family movie. However the next year it had two other parts to complete the series. In this show a high school student named Aaron Corbett finds out that he is a hybrid angel. Therefore viewers will learn about his life and how he deals with other people along with his status as a hybrid angel on a daily basis.

In the first part of the series, Aaron turns 18 and finds out that he is part angel. He then begins to discover his powers and make the most out of them. During the second part of the series, Aaron travels all over the world to help restore fallen angels and allow them to be functional again. Then in the third part he finds a way to find his father and get reacquainted with him. At the same time he looks to help the other angels in a rebellion.

This was one of the most intriguing shows on television during its time on the air. It portrays the life of an 18 year old boy and how he discovers that he is really an angel. Due to his powers he is able to go around the world and help other angels revive themselves and restore order among them. During the show's duration he is also looking to help save them during a rebellion and also find his true father. As a result viewers will find this show very fun to watch due to its content. Anyone who likes these types of shows will likely want to check it out at some time. One thing to keep in mind is that this who has three parts and each part is over one hour long. As a result it is more like a movie series. However it is still one of the better shows on television and one that many viewers will likely enjoy. Those who enjoy shows about fantasy themes will likely find this show among the best to watch.

1 Season, 6 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
July 23, 2006
Action & Adventure
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Fallen Full Episode Guide

  • When Aaron finally meets the Light Bringer, his powers are challenged in a stronger way than ever before.

  • As Aaron and Vilma continue their quest to find the Light Bringer by following Azazel, they find themselves facing The Powers, who are shocked at the sight of Azazel.

  • In order to rescue Vilma, Aaron will have to use so much power that he will draw attention to his location and The Powers will be able to easily find them.

  • Now that Aaron has discovered his true identity, his journey continues as he struggles to understand what it all means.

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