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Fashion House is a drama television series that is directed by Debrah LeMattre, featuring Robert Buckley, Nicole Pulliam and Natalie Martinez on the MyNetworkTV stations. The stories concern behind the scenes lifestyles, trials and tribulations of models and other elements of the fashion design business. Characters deal with personal issues that arise concerning romantic relationships and various other controversies that develop while involved in this very volatile industry.

Also included are some of the financial problems that arise when funds are misappropriated, for example, an executive who winds up over her head and must resort to doing less than respectable things to earn the cash she needs.

There are also many aspiring models who are willing to do whatever they need to in order to rise in the industry ranks. Nikki Clark (played by Nicole Pulliam) is intent upon maintaining her reign as the top model.

Included in the cast is Maria Gianni (played by Bo Derek) who is a ruthless mogul in the industry whose main goal is to defend her company at any cost. Her main nemesis is a new designer who has limitless talents. Despite the fact that Maria wields so much power, an investor blackmails her. William (played by Joel Berti) has lent Maria a great deal of money and he wants it back faster than Maria is prepared to pay it.

Maria had been stealing from his son, Luke's (played by Taylor Kinney) trust fund. Michelle Miller (played by Natalie Martinez) is a very talented designer who is a force to be reckoned with. She got back her mojo after discovering that her husband, Lance (played by Mike Begovich) had been cheating on her.

Maria's main nemesis, the wealthy Sophia Blakeley (played by Morgan Fairchild) is making it her business to shut down Maria as much as she can. Hans and Harold (played by Tony Tripoli and Garrett Swann), are also holding on to their designer careers for dear life.

Channel 4
1 Season, 78 Episodes - Canceled
Reality, Beauty & Fashion
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Fashion House Full Episode Guide

  • When Eddie kidnaps Michelle, Luke rescues her, never thinking his mother or Lance might still be alive.

  • After Maria is murdered everybody connected to her becomes a suspect and without the murder weapon, it looks like the killer may get away with it.

  • When Maria mows everyone down in her path, they declare their revenge but can Maria "the fighter" ever be stopped?

  • At Maria's memorial service, everybody gets a chance to say how they really felt about her as her son, Luke, hangs on every word.

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