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A man named Jon Hein travels the United States and visits different fast food chains along the way. He shows you how different restaurants and how they offer speedy service. It also shows how Chic Fil A makes their delicious waffle fries. He also visits the headquarters of these fast food chains. You can see how many different foods are made and prepared.

Destination America
1 Season, 10 Episodes
June 3, 2012
Food, Reality
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Fast Food Mania Full Episode Guide

  • Extreme locales for eateries are visited, including a beachside establishment and a restaurant in the Pentagon.

  • Eateries that provide exceptional service are spotlighted.

  • With breakfast food on the go at Dunkin' Donuts, Sonic, and Cinnabon, no one ever has to go hungry in the mornings.

  • Fast food technology! We'll reveal the speedy serving operation at Carl's Jr, show how Chick-Fil-A transforms a potato into Waffle fries and go inside a Krispy Kreme factory to witness how they churn out fresh doughnuts.

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