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Series Length:1 Season, 7 Episodes
Network: Showtime

Kirstie Alley (as herself) tries to mount a TV comeback in this broad self-parody as a successful television and movie star whose weight gain has become the subject of every tabloid imaginable as well as the blight of her existence as she tries to find work and true love in an unforgiving Hollywood.

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Status: Ended
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 5/10
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  • Kirstie discovers that she's low on cash, so she heads to NBC hoping to score another deal. Jeff Zucker, Rhea Perlman.

  • Merv Griffin sets Kirstie up with his wealthy friend, a man with tons of money, and a truckload of emotional baggage.

  • When Kirstie's drug-addict brother (Christopher McDonald) suggests a new diet measure, smoking crack, her dysfunctional parents intervene.

  • Kirstie's latest diet plan suggests that to lose weight she must surround herself with small things. Leah Remini, Wallace Shawn and Mayim Bialik have cameos.

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