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Celebreality features some of VH1's most unique programs that give viewers a glimpse into the daily life of a celebrity. While these shows might not match up to an ordinary person's average day, the content attracts many viewers. This phenomenon started with Flavor Flav, a former rapper who is now famous just for his reality show antics. This hype man certainly stirred enough interest in his own life, and "Flavor of Love" is one program in his entertainment arsenal.

Flavor Flav became a reality TV star when he joined the cast of the "Surreal Life". This program captured the lives of dwindling celebrities and revived Flavor Flav's career. He quickly capitalized on his returning popularity to star in "Strange Love" with Brigitte Nielsen. This showcased the puzzling love between the two that started on The Surreal Life. The relationship was a spectacular disaster but fans craved more. This led to Flavor Flav branching out on his own and creating Flavor of Love.

Flavor of Love is a twisted version of The Bachelor. Instead of the handsome, princely types normal reality shows cast, Flavor Flav was front and center trying to search for love without sacrificing his outlandish and strange personality. Contestants try to woo this unconventional bachelor while being referred to by nicknames he created. The romantic rose ceremony is replaced with a clock ceremony. When a contestant's time runs out, she does not receive a clock and her real name is revealed while she is sent packing.

This bizarre reality show demands attention because it features more intense drama than any other show of its kind. The contestants may be asked to do anything for a chance to get an intimate date with Flav. Challenges include cleaning up after parties, creating a restaurant, showing off dance moves, practicing nursing skills and more. Every contest is just as eccentric as Flavor Flav, and they frequently clash with him and each other. There are fights, schemes, thievery and backstabbing in every episode. Many popular girls like New York and Pumpkin went to other VH1 shows after their season.

Flavor of Love proves that there really is someone for everyone. Flavor Flav does discover that someone has stolen his heart while the Celebreality world gets bigger. Flavor of Love started a large franchise of spinoffs and differently themed reality shows. Viewers who watch Flavor of Love may find themselves falling for the whole bunch.

3 Seasons, 49 Episodes - Canceled
January 1, 2006
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  • From twins to super freaks, peep the girls vying for Flav's heart.

  • The ladies from season 3 reunite to air their differences and reminisce about their experience on the show.

  • The remaining three contestants are taken on a whirlwind trip across France and Monaco, before Flavor Flav chooses his queen.

  • A look at the season 3 highlights from Flavor of Love.

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