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Flip men is a television show about two men who buy abandoned houses, fix them up and resell them into nice houses. During the television show the two men travel around the city and search these houses. Once they have found the house, they look through it and place a bid on for the house. After the bidding process is completed the two men go inside the house and search around. The house's usually have some problems like no furniture, broken walls or lack of them, as well as completely missing appliances. The two men invest thousands of dollars to make these run down houses into dream homes.

The flip men encounter all sorts of different houses and problems surrounding them. From gangs and meth labs to maggots and even a sinking house. Somehow they find a way to repair the houses and turn them into things of nice homes. Each house comes with a story of its own, in some cases a murder may have taken place or even a suicide. Throughout the episode you learn more and more about the house and its past, making this show similar to a mystery. Both Mike and Doug have their own styles of buying and remodeling. Mike tends to be more conservative and tactical, while Doug is more liberal with money and more of a risk taker.

The Flip men are not always successful sometime they will spend large sums of money only to make no profit or very little profit. The show is aired on Spike TV and has twenty two episodes to date. All these episodes can be seen either on Spike TV or through their website. Flip men has received a few awards during the last two season its been airing including the Guy's Choice awards. Flip men has become one of Spike TV's most viewed and popular shows and continues to gain fans by the episode.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on Spike TV
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Canceled
October 25, 2011
Reality, Family, How To
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Flip Men Full Episode Guide

  • Mike urges Doug to purchase a million-dollar property sight unseen-a decision Doug quickly regrets making.

  • When Doug yells at a building inspector, their job gets shut down.

  • Mike and Doug have a disagreement and decide to work alone on jobs. Before long, Mike is overwhelmed and in over his head with big money on the line.

  • When shoddy workmanship causes a fire, Mike and Doug's latest purchase may be completely destroyed.

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