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Flipping out is a television show aired on Bravo that revolves around the life of Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, CA. Jeff Lewis is an interior designer and works with many of the extremely wealthy in the area. The supporting characters are Jenny, who is his assistant, and Zoila who is his house maid. There is also a few other characters that come and go through the show and also some that help Jeff with his projects.

The show is based upon Jeff and his relationships with his employees and the clients. Whether it is lazy contractors that do not want to work or if its a client that demands a ton from his team there are a lot of stressful situations and emotions flowing. Also this show deals with Jeff's personal life for a side story but it never gets to be a big part of the story line.

A good portion of this show is shot inside Jeff Lewis's house where he works with his employees. There is always a confrontation between him and his maid Zoila who he thinks is very lazy. Also, there is a great dynamic between Jeff and his assistant Jenny who has been working for him for over 6 years. They have a very playful relationship unless things go wrong. Jeff does not like for his employees to mess up and this is a big part of the show.

Flipping Out is an interesting look into the life of an interior designer and his ultra wealthy clients. The playful supporting cast is fun to watch as they always have something funny to say. This show that airs on Bravo puts the real in reality TV.

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Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
7 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Currently Airing
Reality, Game Show
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  • The design team head to New Mexico where they go through therapy sessions and participate in team building exercises.

  • Jenni attempts to re-establish order and respect in the office. Jeff must calm George and Monika Eads' nerves as the budget increases.

  • When Jenni goes back to work she sees that the inappropriate behavior has gotten out of control.

  • Megan assumes Jenni's role while she's on maternity leave. However, Jeff seeks Jenni's help when things get chaotic.

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