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Series Length:1 Season, 22 Episodes
Description: Economy has news and discussions on the economy.

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Genre: News
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22 Hulu Episodes
  • Edward Conard, author of Unintended Consequences, sets the record straight and fills the void left by most business and economic analysts. He shows how the economy really works, what went wrong the past decade, and what we can do to start growing again.

  • James Dyson, Inventor & Chief Engineer of Dyson talks with WIRED's Shoshana Berger about engineering, entrepreneurship, and the economy.

  • New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks joins Daniel Kahneman, noted psychologist and Nobel Laureate in economics, to discuss the latter's storied career and latest book, Thinking, Fast and Slow.

  • Are there limits to perpetual growth? Physics professor Tom Murphy takes a look at American energy consumption data to revisit what the notion of "sustainability" really means.

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