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Forensic Firsts is a TV series that talks about the different technology and tools that are used to catch criminals. They also talk about how the technology and tools work. It gives an inside view of how detectives solve cases.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Smithsonian Channel
2 Seasons, 7 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 17, 2012
Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery
Forensic Firsts
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Forensic Firsts Full Episode Guide

  • The history of forensic botany, which began during the 1935 trial of Bruno Hauptmann, who was accused of kidnapping Charles Lindbergh's baby. Also: a case that relied on plant evidence found in a man's truck to convict him of a murder.

  • Revisit two criminal cases where ballistic evidence determined the fate of its suspects. One case saved a man from the electric chair while the other ended a sniper's murderous rampage.

  • A string of unexplained deaths at a Northport, New York hospital in the 1990s and the suspicious death of a wealthy businessman in the 1840s have one thing in common: poison. These sensational cases, 150 years apart, are landmark moments in the history of forensic toxicology.

  • Two brutal murder cases, years apart, appear to have little in common. A California family found brutally murdered in 2003 and two dismembered bodies discovered in Scotland in 1935. Upon closer investigation, they share the same silent witness: insects.

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