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Forever Knight is a Canadian television series that centers around a vampire detective named Nick Knight. Each episode is approximately fifty minutes. This series originated as a television movie. Nick Knight is an eight hundred year old vampire that, after centuries of killing feels remorse and tries to find some type of redemption by working as a police detective. Nick works the night shift with his partner Skanky and close friend forensic scientist Natalie.

Throughout the series Skanky is left in the dark as to Nicks true nature. Nick is always having to find ways to explain his vampire habits away as human oddities. For example he explains the bottles of blood in his home as techniques he uses for painting and an allergy to the sun as a reason for his need to work the night shift.

Tired of being a vampire Natalie works with Nick to try and help restore his humanity. She is marginally successful with his treatment when he is able to slowly ween off his blood diet and starts to eat real food. Nick also has run ins with his makers LaCroix and Janette. They want him to embrace his vampirism and give up the quest to become human again.

Just like any other detective show, each episode involves a new case that Nick and Skanky must investigate. Many are murder cases and some involve celebrities. The two detectives work together to solve the crime and in most cases Nick is abe to use his abilities as a vampire to help solve the crime or prevent another murder.

You gain more insight on Nicks past as the series progresses. During his investigations, Nick usually stumbles on something that reminds him of his past and the viewer is transported to that time in a flashback. Here you learn of how Nick was first turned and some of his earlier victims. Some of these flashbacks also help when solving current cases. Each episode ends when the case is solved.

3 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Canceled
August 1, 1992
Drama, Vampire, Science Fiction
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Forever Knight Full Episode Guide

  • In this tragic final episode, Nick and Natalie lose a mutual close friend. In working through their grief, Natalie recognizes the magnitude of her for Nick, and Nick realizes that he must finally choose between eternal life or eternal love.

  • Mysterious, gory deaths are haunting the town, and the vampires are the targets! Nick and Tracy's search to uncover the mysterious crime spree leads them to Lacroix and ultimately, his vampire daughter. Seeking revenge against her father, she threatens to destroy all those associated with him.

  • Nick and Reese investigate a trail of murders only to discover that the lead suspect is a Hitler-type racist from Reese's past. When the killer devises a plan to get Reese removed from the case, the Captain's rage intensifies. Concerned that Reese may be on a personal vendetta, Nick soon learns that the Captain is one step ahead of the killer (and him) in cleverly obtaining incriminating evidence.

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