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Four In A Bed is a British television series that falls into the genres of both reality TV and game show. It was produced by Studio Lambert, and it primarily airs on Channel 4. In this television show, four different bed and breakfasts open up their establishments to each other in order to win big, as well as prove that they run the best bed and breakfast around. Each one gets to stay in the other one's bed and breakfast. They are able to examine the other one's bed and breakfast and give their own personal opinions on what is good or bad about them.

In this show they examine many various areas of the bed and breakfast. First off, they each inspect the bathrooms and bedroom that they will be staying in, as well as spend the night in the establishment. Also, they must visit the landmarks or attractions in that area to experience the amenities that the local town offers. Plus, they have to eat a meal at a restaurant in town for their evening dinner, looking to see who has the better restaurants and the better attractions to attend.

Also, Four In A Bed contestants must also get their breakfast the following morning after their stay and fill out the feedback questionnaire that they are given. Upon leaving the establishment they are left with choosing how much they feel they should pay, based on the quality of stay they received. The better the stay, the more they pay, but the worse it is, the less they will pay. With each one running their own bed and breakfast, they are all sure to have complaints about their competition. All to try and prove that they own the best bed and breakfast around.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 5:00 pm et/pt on Channel 4
9 Seasons, 330 Episodes - New Series
Reality, Business
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Four In A Bed Full Episode Guide

  • The competition kicks off at Wharfe House in Wetherby, where B&B newcomer Pauline Cox is the first to host in the competition. Come feedback, Pauline's left deflated by her sausage scores.

  • This week Four in a Bed becomes Four in a Camp Bed as camp site proprietors battle it out to be named best value. It's the last day and there are a few scores that need settling.

  • The fourth day of the competition is at the Foxhunter Park in Kent, where gregarious brother and sister team Jane Stacey and Russell Saunders own a luxury caravanning site

  • The third visit of the week is to 500 year old Layer Marney Tower, where posh hosts Nick and Sheila Charrington unzip their luxury canvas lodges for scrutiny

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