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Foxy lady,is a sketch comedy that is based in a expresso cafe in Seattle Washington. The comedy is adult content only,the women that work in the cafe work in swimsuit's an and have a corky since of humor. One of the episode was called,Inside of the minds of the Foxy Ladies,the episode

show's where the ladies are speaking to themselves as they help customer's,also as

they complete their jobs in the cafe,one of the funny parts of the episode is when a c

customer ask one of the ladies did she gain weight,the conversation that she has in

her mind is funny and she gives the guy an earful,but she never opens her mouth.

Foxy lady had ,its on version of the olympics,where the events came with names

such as,The Quarter Bounce,Whip Cream Lick,Cleavage Toss,in these games they take

place inside of the cafe,where they have a commentator and a panel of judges,as they

commentate they give you the feeling as though you are really at the olympics,but the

adult version. In another episode there is a guy thats a nerd and comes up with a girl

decoder,and what this contraption does is,make a women tell the truth by pointing the

machine at them, no matter if it's pointed at them threw the television or in person,

it makes them give in to the machines powers. The show is very consistent on the adult

humor that it brings. Foxy Lady comes on every wednesday,in a fourth episode of the

show,has a customer goin on a date after he wins a radio show contest. It has the guy

that won the contest and as the prize, he gets a date with two of the ladies from

the cafe and he makes the ladies nervous,the show is a must watch. .

MBC America
1 Season, 18 Episodes - Canceled
October 26, 2016
Korean Drama
Foxy Lady
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  • Byung Hee and Chul Soo have difficulty coping with his upcoming military enlistment.

  • Obstacles come in the way between Byung Hee and Chul Soo, continually trying to force them apart.

  • Thanks to the surgery, Byung Hee gets a wake up call and sorts out her feelings for Chul Soo and Hee Myung.

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