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Series Length:2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
Network: FUNimation

The 2007 hit comedy BBC television show Freezing used to be one of the most popular shows on TV. This show stars Hugh Bonneville as well as Elizabeth McGovern, who are up and coming actors who have really brought their characters to life. The show received mostly positive reviews from critics, as it has icy a quality plot that imply get everyone interested and intrigued.

The show is all about a very successful couple who are in their 40's. The couple then finds themselves to be unemployed. Matt played by Bonneville is this publisher who has lost his job recently, while Elizabeth played by McGovern is this popular Oscar-nominated actress who's been having a tough time getting a job since she has moved in with Matt to London.

The Freezing television series was originally at first a one-off comedy to be a part of BBC Four's close Spot season, but the first airing then became the show's first episode, as it got so much viewers and attention. Each episode is continuously all about the couple and the life they experienced together.

On top of the couple's story, the show also follows Leon. Leon is this agent who has moved in with the British publisher and the Oscar nominated actress. Altogether, they work inside of one home, and that can cause a huge stir between their lives. All the characters in the show really made the show believable and realistic. No matter how great a shows story may be, if the actors are unable to make their characters believable, the show will then not be believable.

The plot is very interesting and always leads to more exciting episodes. The ratings of the show simply increased throughout every episode, as it really can be such an addictive show. The best part about the show is that it is very relatable to people everywhere. People all over the world can relate to most of the characters in the show, as they all have such different personalities.

Everyone who wants to watch a funny show that still sustains a good plot, then they should definitely consider to watch Freezing. This show got such great reviews because it is a show that people can really watch continuously. Most people have even found themselves watching the shows again, as it is that addictive.

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Status: New Series
Rating: 8.6/10
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