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FunPak is an animated series. Each show highlights a medley of shorts meant to evoke laughter. From zombies to superheroes, viewers get exposed to wide range of characters and offbeat story lines. In one episode, a mild mannered man fantasizes about a better life. Why? His is so mundane. Plus, he's in love with a female co-worker who appears unattainable. However, by the end of his hiatus, an event occurs that helps him realize that maybe things aren't as bad as they seem.

Overall, FunPak is an entertaining ride. Regardless of age, you get that Saturday morning cartoon feel from watching that makes you feel young again. The only thing missing is a bowl of cereal.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons
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  • The new girl. Clark thinks she's hot -- but she's a vampire. Enough said./After being selected as the newest members of a boy band, Joe and Nero set out on a scream inspiring world tour./Gus is the hairiest geek in school. After a day of torment and ridicule from his peers, his raging hormones run wild transforming him into a blood thirsty werewolf in search of revenge.

  • Witchy's got a hot date with the new wizard in town, Baldrick Von Beardo. His evil pet owl, Rudy, has plans to get rid of Witchy's darling toad, Russell, so that he can be the happy couple's only pet./ice-fishing for their annual xmas salmon dinner, Martini & MEATBALLS are swallowed by a thousand year old catfish./Facing off against an 'ancient' video tennis game, Lester imagines he's that 'cool-as-a-cucumber' racquet jockey, Coolman!/When the thieving Frog-Face discovers that a seemingly harmless blob of plasticine has the ability to mold itself into any object known to man.

  • Someone with a sweet-tusk is stealing candy from babies all across town, and beat cops Sherman and Ronald are on the case./As Harold is trying to capture the X of Evil in an elaborate tax trap, the X's thugs kidnap Harold's sidekick - Ledger Lad./Maxter XOX (a.k.a. Mr. Troublemeyer) has a brilliant plan to become the world?s most evil criminal mastermind; to inject a hotdog with an evil enhanced liquid./Clark jumps to harrowing conclusions after overhearing a kafuffle, of the undead variety, while talking on the phone with his dad at the office.

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