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The G Girls show is focused around a group of girls who work to make Glamour magazine the top magazine in the fashion magazine world. The show shows everything that it takes in order for Glamour magazine to maintain its image for being a great fashion magazine. In the show people get to see how the people behind the scenes of the magazine interact with celebrities, fashion designers, photographers, and other people essential to the world of fashion. The girls of the show travel around the world to please the people they work with and to make sure that they get the best stories and pictures for Glamour magazine.

In addition to working with already established individuals, the girls also go on talent hunts to find new people to work with. When the girls find somebody good, they show people how Glamour magazine develops talent.

The show goes into everything that makes Glamour magazine what it is, including the rules of the Glamour magazine workspace. The show shows people what employees have to wear to work, and what they are allowed to do when they are at work.

Channel 4
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled
Beauty & Fashion, Celebrity & Entertainment
G Girls
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G Girls Full Episode Guide

  • In the final show of the series Rachel Stevens talks fashion and gets the G Girl treatment. There's advice on landing a magazine job, and the nervous tension rises as students compete to…

  • Go Christmas shopping with TV presenter Gail Porter and pop star Javine and find out their ideas for gifts. There's also a trip backstage at Milan Fashion Week with international…

  • Posh Spice's guru, hip-hop star Damon Dash, reveals what he really thinks of Mrs Beckham, while the G Girls check out new trends at New York Fashion Week.

  • The G Girls hit the New York fashion scene where editor Jo Elvin checks out the new looks heading this way. There's also an exclusive interview with supermodel Carolyn Murphy.

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