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Garfield and Friends is an animated cartoon series based on Garfield, a popular comic strip by artist Jim Davis. Each episode features three segments, two of which focus on the opinionated feline and one about a quirky farm in the Midwest. The show features the antics of a sometimes grumpy orange tabby cat named Garfield (voice: Lorenzo Music) who loves lasagna, sleeping, complaining, sarcasm, disrespecting his owner, and tormenting the family dog, a beagle named Odie (voice: Gregg Berger). Garfield spends nearly every episode trying to get his way, which usually ends up not working out in the manner he expected. His owner Jon Arbuckle (voice: Thom Huge) is a socially awkward cartoon artist who has a struggling relationship with veterinarian Dr. Liz Wilson (voice: Julie Payne). Most of his dates with Dr. Wilson end up ruined due to something Garfield does either on purpose or inadvertently.

US Acres is a crossover from the Garfield series. The story centers on the life of a farm pig named Orson (voice: Gregg Berger). Orson loves to read and daydream while micromanaging his friends Roy the rooster, (voice: Thom Huge) a bully who constantly picks on the other animals for his own amusement, and the alarmist Wade the Duck (voice: Howie Morris), a phobic hypochondriac who wears an inner tube around his waist for safety, even when on land. The likely obsessive-compulsive Orson spends most of his time helping the other animals get along with one another while trying to keep clean. Two other characters of note are a pair of chicks who also live on the farm named Booker and Sheldon (both voiced by Frank Welker). Booker is a happy, self-assured chick while his brother Sheldon stays in the comfort of his own shell with only his feet sticking out of the bottom so he can walk around the farm.

There are 121 total episodes of Garfield and Friends. Though most are nonlinear, some plot segments continue through more than one installment. There are seven seasons, but every episodes focuses on one main theme: friendship.

9 Seasons, 177 Episodes - Canceled
September 17, 1988
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Garfield and Friends Full Episode Guide

  • He has been called by one critic "both thorny and funny, a rogue who somehow never crosses the line into villainy." The rotund and acerbic Garfield the cat lives up to that billing in the tuneful cartoon. As the story opens, Garfield and his pintsized - and dimwitted playmate, Odie the mutt, are about to play havoc with a nasty neighbor. Unfortunately, their friskiness lands Odie in the city pound. And that leaves it up to a rueful Garfield - turned even fatter and sassier by midnight snacking on his favorite food (lasagna) - to break into the dog pound and break Odie out.

  • On Thanksgiving, according to Garfield, people "celebrate food by eating as much of it as possible. It's a tradition, I love tradition." But that tradition is history following a checkup from veterinarian Liz Wilson, a sassy lady who's also the new heartthrob of Garfield's owner, Jon. The bad news for Garfield: he must go on a diet. The good news for Jon: Liz agrees to come to his house for Thanksgiving. Come the holiday, Jon is in high spirits, busily readying for his dinner guest. Garfield, however, is in the doldrums. He's facing a half of a leaf of lettuce for breakfast, contending with the goofy pooch Odie as his diet monitor and feuding with a talking scale that reads his weight and calls him Orson Welles. Co written by "Garfield" creator Jim Davis. Lou Rawls and Desiree Goyette sing the musical numbers.

  • "Garfield's Halloween Adventure" finds the feisty feline and his pal Odie dressed as pirates out to pillage a village and return with bagsful of candy. Instead, the two get shipwrecked, then discover a haunted house inhabited by treasure hunting pirates who've returned from the grave. Lou Rawls sings "This Is The Night" and "Scaredy Cat."

  • "The world is filled with excitement," Garfield tells Odie. "If you just use your imagination, you don't even have to go find it. It'll find you." And so it does, beginning with Garfield's dream that he's a submarine commander in combat, and continuing with reveries about a Wild West showdown and airborne heroics. But Garfield's most elaborate fantasy is a spoof that melds "The Maltese Falcon" with an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones. In this daydream, Garfield imagines that he's Lance Sterling, a droll soldier of fortune accompanied by his faithful associate Slobber Joe (Odie) on a Middle East mission. Their assignment: recover the stolen Banana of Bombay, the source of the old banana peel sight gag and therefore "the symbol of humor to nations around the world." Story by "Garfield" creator Jim Davis. Voices...Garfield: Lorenzo Music; Jon: Thom Huge; Fat Guy/Rameet: Frank Welker; Nadia: Julie Payne; Odie/Waiter: Gregg Berger. Music by David Benoit and Desiree Goyette.

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