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Gatchaman, also known as "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman," is an anime that follows the adventures of a five-member team of teenage superheroes. The members of this team, along with guidance from Dr. Kozaburo Nambu, constantly seek to thwart the plans of the international terrorist group known as Galactor and its leader, the shape-shifting mutant, Berg Kattse.

The most frequent plot of a given episode would usually involve the Gatchaman team stopping giant monsters, controlled by Galactor, from making off with Earth's natural resources. Every so often, Gatchaman would receive help from some combat pilots led by a "Red Impulse."

The individual members of Gatchman include: team leader and tactician, Ken "the Eagle" Washio; lieutenant and weapons master, Jo "the Condor" Asakura; electronics and demolition specialist, Jun "the Swan;" recon expert and Jun's adopted brother, Jinpei "the Swallow;" and pilot, Ryu "the Owl" Nakanishi. Each member wore a special uniform with a bird motif and utilized a variety of special gadgets, lethal weaponry, and devastating martial arts. Additionally, the team flew around the globe in a special jet, the "God Phoenix."

Gatchaman was adapted twice for English-speaking audiences, where it was retitled "Battle of the Planets" and "G-Force: Guardians of Space."

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1 Season, 105 Episodes - Canceled
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Gatchaman Full Episode Guide

  • Even though Galactor is defeated, Nambu warns that evil still exists, as the potential to do evil deeds resides in every person.

  • X reveals the sinister plan for Earth.

  • Joe is captured and brought before Katse.

  • The team can't contact Nambu, so they make their own decisions which could prove fatal for Nambu.

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