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The American Comedy-drama series, Gigantic, focuses on the life of Anna Moore and her younger brother Walt as children of Hollywood celebrities. The show reflects the difficulty of living a normal life while living in the shadow of their parents and being stalked by the paparazzi. The personal lives of Anna and her brother always seems to be in an upheaval, especially because it is often made public, exposing the substance behind tabloids and gossip.

Gigantic was produced by Reveille Productions, Grady Twins Productions and Pacific Bay Entertainment. It originally aired on TeenNick and ran from October, 2010 to April of 2011 with a total of 18 episodes and only one season. Grace Gummer who plays Anna Moore, is the daughter of actress Meryl Streep and sculptor Don Gummer and has been in various stage performances, film and TV series.

In the initial pilot for the series, Anna moves back to Hollywood with her family after living in Australia for two years. Upon returning she realizes that nothing has really changed and attempts to reunite with her friend Joey who she has feelings for. During the time in Australia however, Joey had short relationship with a girl named Lulu. Later in the series Lulu returns revealing that she had a son. It turns it that Joey is the father and that Lulus parents adopted the child in order to prevent the media finding out the truth. Annas younger brother, Walt, seeks out romance with a girl who appreciates him for who he is and not who he is the child of.

Each episode ran 30 minutes including commercials and was distributed by TeenNick Originals. It was created by brother and sister, Ben and Debby Wolfinsohn. They wrote, directed and cast for the pilot in 2005 and filmed in Los Angeles, California.

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Gigantic Full Episode Guide

  • Anna considers fleeing the country with Joey. Later, Piper makes a major decision regarding her father's career.

  • While Anna, Piper and Joey disapprove of the paparazzi, Walt continues writing for his debut album.

  • Walt is thrilled to hear from a producer. But is this about his music or his last name? Anna and Piper start a brawl at a party, and Vanessa stoops to reality TV.

  • Anna's mom wants to make peace with her, but can their closeness bounce back from the "I forbid you to see Joey" thing? Piper tries to "recast" her dad's "wife", and Maggie must choose: career, or Walt?

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