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One of the first television comedy series about survival, Gilligan's Island follows the adventures of seven diverse personalities who have been shipwrecked while taking a three hour tour from Honolulu, Hawaii. The story begins when the Skipper and his first mate, Gilligan, beach their ship, the S. S. Minnow, on an uncharted island during a storm.

The Skipper and Gilligan do their best to make the castaways comfortable and help them get off of the island. Unfortunately, every time they have an opportunity for rescue or escape, it is usually Gilligan's bumbling that prevents them from leaving.

The Professor is the intelligent castaway and is able to create a battery charger, a pedal powered generator, soap, a telescope and a variety of other inventions out of plant life. Some of his inventions are designed to improve the lives of the castaways, and some are designed to help them get off of the island.

Thurston Howell III and Lovey Howell are the millionaire and his wife. They seem to have brought an endless supply of clothes for their short boating excursion, and they also brought a chest full of money. They are friendly, but like to flaunt their wealth.

The movie star, Ginger Grant, is a beautiful actress who likes to wander the island in slinky dresses. She is very flirtatious, but no romantic relationships ever really develop between the castaways. Ginger is often worried that being away from Hollywood will diminish her popularity as a star.

Mary Ann Summers is the cute Kansas farm girl who becomes adept at making cream pies out of bananas and coconuts. The debate still continues between fans about whether they would rather date cute Mary Ann or sexy Ginger.

The castaways aren't always alone on the island. A variety of guest stars drop in, including a jungle boy, foreign spies, a rock band and a movie producer. The island guests always leave without the castaways, and Gilligan is usually responsible for these failed rescue opportunities.

The series only lasted three seasons but has attained cult status and is enjoyed by generations of viewers from all over the world. Each generation wonders why the Skipper and other castaways tolerate Gilligan's bumbling ways, but fans still enjoy watching the many misadventures in each episode.

3 Seasons, 99 Episodes - Canceled
September 26, 1964
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  • A native king arrives at the island looking for a white goddess--who must marry a volcano.

  • When a box of plastic explosives is washed up on the shore, the castaways makes plates,golf balls, nails, and so forth.Even Gilligan, who had two fillings filled with the plastic.Untill Gilligan's little monkey friend throws a plate, they realize that's it's explosives.

  • The Professor finds an ailing homing pigeon.

  • A jet pack cuases the castaways havoc.

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