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Good Eats is no ordinary cooking show riddled with boring recipes exemplified by the host. It is much more than that and goes further into the science of cooking and how things work to produce the best dishes possible. Good Eats is a cross between Julia Child's TV show, Mr. Wizard and Sesame Street with a little sitcom thrown in for good measure. A theme is presented each episode that can include a holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or a certain food like peas, cheese or beef. Host, Alton Brown uses a cacophony of visual aids from a hand-made puzzle of cow parts to show which cut of meat works best, to puppets, like the yeasties that are sock puppets that burp and bubble their way into risen dough.

Often times there is a plot or story line to the 21 minute show. Alton Brown usually plays himself and other regular characters, played by family and friends, come by from time to time to add to the plot. Farmer McGregor is the elderly neighbor, who grows a garden that Alton pilfers, but always brings a finished product to him to eat. His TV sister Marsha and nephew Elton are other regulars as is redneck cousin Ray, Colonel Boatwright who imparts advice on southern recipes, Deborah Duchon a nutritional anthropologist that always knows the history of food and B. D. Brown or the Anti-Alton – wicked twin of the host.

It is not unusual for the show to shoot part of a segment from inside the cupboard, refrigerator or the stove making for an interesting and kooky point of view. The show began shooting in a real kitchen, but eventually moved to a professional set to make more of the visual aids and special shots a possibility.

Along with all the entertainment comes a treasure trove of classical to unusual recipes that run the gambit from old fashion brown sugar pie to meatloaf. The show is ultimately very useful, entertaining and imparts recipes that any home cook would be proud to put on a table.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
15 Seasons, 254 Episodes - Canceled
July 7, 1999
Food, Documentary & Biography
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Good Eats Full Episode Guide

  • Join Alton for an hour-long special revealing the secret power of dark chocolate.

  • Join Alton for an hour-long journey into the world of tasty, homemade smoked pork.

  • Host Alton Brown explores culinary possibilities of Asian Noodles. Dishes include "ants climbing trees"

  • Alton reinvents cauliflower.

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