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“Gormiti” is a television series that aired in the United States on Cartoon Network, and aired in Latin America on the television channel of Disney XD. This television series had three seasons, these three seasons include’ “Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return”, “Gormiti: The Supreme Eclipse Era”, and “Gormiti: The Neorganic Evolution. There are Gormiti toys, which actually appeared before the television show, Brazil boys knew about Gormiti, before it even came to television. There are over 200 Gormiti toys in Brazil that are on the market. This television series was cancelled in the United States, because of low rating. However, a second series known as “Gormiti Nature Unleashed” was aired in 2012 in Italy.

There are eight main characters in the television series, “Gormiti”, which includes; Nick Tripp, Toby Tripp, Lucas Wanson, Jessica Herleins, Razzle, Paula Pickney, Ike Pickney, and Gina Louren. Each character has their own meaning on the television series. This television series was around for three whole seasons before it ended up getting canceled.

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Gormiti Full Episode Guide

  • Magor freezes the Sea Orb and gives its powers to Nefastor before sending him to Earth. He attacks the Lords, and is able to freeze Toby!

  • Magor casts a spell on the Earth Orb, then creates a portal. He sends Magmion to Earth through the portal to attack the Lords…in the subway tunnels!

  • Since Magor cursed the Earth Orb, earthquakes are happening on Earth and buildings are collapsing in Gorm. To save both worlds, the Lords of Nature go see Roscalion, the ancient guardian of Earth for a helpful advice.

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