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Series Length:1 Season, 5 Episodes
Schedule: Sundays on National Geographic Channel

Great Migrations is a seven-part series airing on the National Geographic Channel that takes viewers around the glob on a arduous journey that follows millions of different animals as they fight to survive.

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Status: Currently Airing
Rating: 8/10
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  • Featuring the very best footage and spectacular orchestral score of National Geographic's Great Migrations event, this film brings together images from around the world-filmed over 3 years-resulting in a completely unique, narration-free, musical journey around the world. Great Migrations: Rhythm of Life is a breathtaking ride on the tailwinds of billions of creatures marching, swimming and flying across the planet on death-defying journeys.

  • Every migration is an epic journey, driven in large part by hunger. Every day, trillions of creatures are moving in search of greener pastures. From microscopic plankton to rare desert elephants; from predatory bald eagles to luminous jellyfish; from ravenous Great White Sharks to lightning quick peregrine falcons; our planet is on the move. Countless creatures on timeless journeys, moving in numbers, surviving as one.

  • Migrations are ticking clocks: every day, countless animals must move or die, driven by changing seasons and a changing climate.

  • Every day, migrating creatures around the world wage incredible journeys; risking it all in pursuit of the one thing more precious than themselves: the creation and care of their precious…

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