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The action in this reality television series is centered on the community of Greensburg, which prides itself as the most environmentally friendly American town in the USA. All of the businesses in Greensburg involve products or services that are eco-friendly, and all of the construction for new buildings, from houses to the new school, are based on sustainable building practices designed to save energy. But Greensburg's residents are challenged when a tornado shakes up their world.

Planet Green
3 Seasons, 23 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
October 25, 2016
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Greensburg Full Episode Guide

  • Over 95% of the city was destroyed by the tornado, but City Hall, hospital, churches, and a wind farm is complete.

  • Residents question restoration plans forThe Big Well, one of the last pieces of Greensburg's history that survived the storm. Taylor Schmidt returns home from college excited to see the changes that have been made in town.

  • Greensburg is starting to look more like a town since the reconstruction is being completed. However, many townspeople don't like the modern look of the buildings or their cost.

  • City administrator Steve Hewitt presents a plan to city officials to rebuild Greensburg as the world's first Eco-town.

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