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In a hilarious world where puppets and humans live side by side there is strife and discrimination, and then there's Greg the adorable bunny who's just gotten the break of a lifetime. His roommate Jimmy Bender (Seth Green) has accidentally gotten him an interview for the lead of his favorite show, Sweetknuckle Junction, unaware of what he's interviewing for the network (headed by Eugene Levy and Sarah Silverman) finds Greg charming and he's hired! However he has to deal with a psychotic ex-lead, drug addled and crazy co-workers and a society that doesn't know what to make of these puppets.

1 Season, 15 Episodes - Canceled
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Greg the Bunny
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Greg the Bunny Full Episode Guide

  • Greg embarks on a paranoid romp after viewing The Addiction -- a horror film about modern-day vampires.

  • Warren tells the show's creators that he and wife Maggie are heading off to Martha's Vineyard -- instead, he holes up in a room at a creepy motel to drink and obsess about contacting his estranged wife.

  • Unable to complete a decent parody of the movie, Tootsie, Greg, Warren and their entourage decide to switch gears and take on the classic antiestablishment film, Easy Rider.

  • Greg and entourage pay tribute to Oliver Stone in a send-up of Natural Born Killers, when Warren and Greg head out on a spree of bloodthirsty killing and experimental filming.

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