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For Greg the Bunny and Warren the Ape, the cancellation of their Fox sitcom is now just a painful memory. More current concerns are overdue rent and funding Warren's drinking habit.

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1 Season, 15 Episodes
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Greg the Bunny
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Greg the Bunny Full Episode Guide

  • Greg embarks on a paranoid romp after viewing The Addiction -- a horror film about modern-day vampires.

  • Warren tells the show's creators that he and wife Maggie are heading off to Martha's Vineyard -- instead, he holes up in a room at a creepy motel to drink and obsess about contacting his estranged wife.

  • Unable to complete a decent parody of the movie, Tootsie, Greg, Warren and their entourage decide to switch gears and take on the classic antiestablishment film, Easy Rider.

  • Greg and entourage pay tribute to Oliver Stone in a send-up of Natural Born Killers, when Warren and Greg head out on a spree of bloodthirsty killing and experimental filming.

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