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Several years prior to the beginning of the series' opening, all the inhabitants of the Otsuka village were wiped out in a plague, leaving only three survivors: Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa and Hamaji. Shino and Sosuke subsequently took care of and looked after Hamaji, and the two shared a strange, peony-shaped birthmark on their bodies.

As it turns out, those with the peony-shaped birthmark are one of the eight bead holders, those who had previously joined forces with the Princess Fuse in order to battle against Tama-Azusa in the dark times. These eight have, at some point in time, died, and come back in resurrection, and have a guardian or ability in their possession; all of them hold the same peony-shaped birthmark on their bodies.

The Imperial Church desires the eight beads for their power, and are searching for Shino and Sosuke. When Hajime is kidnapped by the Imperial Church, Shino and Sosuke must search for the remaining five beads and their owners, or face a fate worse than death at the hands of the church.

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2 Seasons, 50 Episodes
January 10, 2013
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Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East Full Episode Guide

  • In the final battle against Princess Tamazusa, Murasame overtakes Shino's body and goes on a rampage! Will the combined forces of all of Shino's friends be enough to suppress the raging beast and save Shino?

  • Shino is desperate to get Sosuke’s gem back, but neither Ao nor Tamazusa is going to make this easy. All of his friends are willing to help, but is it really wise to gather all eight of the Dog Warriors in one place...?

  • Shino has many epiphanies this time around. First Sosuje is falling apart and second Finnegan knows more than Shino wants to believe.

  • Shinobu is fatally injured when trying to protect Hazuki from Ao! Now it is Hazuki’s turn to save Shinobu at the cost of half of his own life. With Ao still after them, does Hazuki have the strength left to protect Shinobu and his gem?

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