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Halloween Wars was a four part mini series on Food Network. There were five different teams all competing for $50,000. The teams involved a pumpkin carver, a cake maker and a candy maker. They all were a part of a Halloween challenge, to make the creepiest Halloween masterpiece. The masterpiece had to include: cake, candy, and real pumpkins. The challenge was timed and had to be one complete piece with all of these components included.

Each week, the works of art were judged, and one team was was eliminated. Leaving the last show with only two teams left, to create the creepiest possible piece, made from candy, cake and pumpkin. This doesn't sound like the normal ingredients you might imagine when thinking creepy, but I recommend, you watch and see the incredible transformations take place.

The master carvers used mainly very large pumpkins to base the entire piece on. They turned a pumpkin into a piece of art. Carving it as though it were an ice sculpture or something of that intricate detail. Some used very basic hand tools, while others used power tools, but all creating an amazing Halloween work of art.

The cake makers, had perhaps one of the most challenging parts, they had to make cake pieces to go with wet pumpkin, and be able to withstand the rough and tough construction of this outstanding piece. Then become masked over with some form of candy or frosting. Wow! How does one accomplish this? Watch and see, you'll be amazed!

The candy makers were responsible for tying the entire pieces together, they even used fondant to cover the pumpkin pieces, so it was not even possible to tell what it was made from. They were designed with a love for the holiday, no doubt.

These people are artists, not just people working with food. They used air brush food color to paint these pieces, to make the stunning final touches. When finished, these works of art were one creepy Halloween creation. If you love Halloween, this is definitely a must see!

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
6 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 2, 2011
Food, Family, How To
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Halloween Wars Full Episode Guide

  • The remaining three teams of specialized pumpkin carvers, cake decorators and sugar artists go head to head to prepare mind-blowing displays that seizes the horror that unfolds inside of a crypt after dark. Three teams begin this battle, but only two will make their way into the Halloween Wars finale. Greg Plotkin, director of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, joins the judging panel.

  • Four remaining teams composed of an expert pumpkin carver, cake decorator and sugar artist go to war to make mind-blowing Halloween-themed showcases that capture the horror of a two-faced monster. Carlson Young, actress from MTV's Scream, pairs with the judging panel to help choose which team will be eliminated and which will move forward to the final battle.

  • Five remaining teams made up of an expert pumpkin carver, cake decorator and sugar artist go to battle to create delicious Halloween displays that capture the scariest haunted roadside motel ever seen. At the end of the battle, one team will be eliminated with help from special guest judge Sid Haig, actor and horror icon who has appeared in several hits, including Halloween and The Devil's Rejects.

  • Revisiting the most monstrous scares, greatest Halloween heartbreaks, trickiest treats and most amazing designs of all time on Halloween Wars.

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